Pieced Hexagons – Many Sizes

Pieced Hexagons - Many Sizes!

You can make hundreds of pieced hexagon designs with Inklingo. They can be tiny or huge, and you can sew by hand or by machine.

Diamonds and hexagons with petals

The new 2.5 inch Hexagon with Petals and the 2.5 inch Diamond can be combined for some fabulous designs!

You can do this! Fall in love with designs on Pinterest or in a book like Katja Marek’s The New Hexagon or in the Inklingo 300 Pieced Hexagon Design Book or in this video on YouTube.

Print, cut, and sew!

300 Pieced Hexagons with Inklingo

Shape Collections for Pieced Hexagons

This page will help you decide how big or small you want your 300 Pieced Hexagons to be and help you choose which shape collection you want first.

To make all 300 Pieced Hexagon Designs, you need 16 different shapes:

  • BIG 4 shapes from a large hexagon shape collection
  • LITTLE 4 shapes from the matching small hexagon shape collection
  • BIG 4 shapes from a large diamond shape collection
  • LITTLE 4 shapes from a matching small diamond shape collection

For all 16 shapes, you would need 4 shape collections but you can start with one shape collection and still make dozens of the 300 Pieced Hexagon designs like the ones in the video below.

You can make dozens of designs with only one Inklingo diamond shape collection (wow) because diamond shape collections include lots of triangles too.

300 Pieced Hexagon Designs

Big and Little Shapes for Pieced Hexagons

300 Pieced Hexagon designs can be made with Inklingo in so many sizes that we describe the matching shapes as Big and Little.

NOTE  If you want to start with just one shape collection and add others later, there are dozens of designs you can make with just the Big diamond, as listed below.

If you have questions, please ask. There is often a simple answer and it could save you some time.

When I searched for pieced hexagons on the blog (“other pages”), there was a long page of articles like the ones shown above. 

There is also more info on the Main Hexagon Page.

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