Six Simple Steps with Scraps PDF

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Lucky you! This PDF is the fast track, so you can learn to print on fabric and sew your best quilts. Tens of thousands of quilters have printed on fabric without it but the info consolidated here makes it easier than ever to print with confidence!

Collect some scraps of fabric and freezer paper and get started in 6 simple steps.

Even experienced Inklingo quilters will benefit from the info in this PDF.

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Everything you need to know about printing on fabric.

Have you ever hesitated to print on fabric? This book is for you!

System Requirements – Windows or Mac with Adobe Reader (not a phone or tablet) and any ordinary color Inkjet printer or all-in-one.

Once you understand this simple approach to printing on fabric, your anxiety will disappear and you will wonder what took you so long!

If you want the best quilting tool to make the quilts of your dreams, you need this guide, scraps of fabric and freezer paper, an iron and ironing board, a rotary cutter and mat, your usual sewing tools, and the free shape collection.

Quilting is simpler than you think—and more fun—with the right tools. You will never worry about being able to finish what you start and you will love the results.

Inklingo quilters only need to learn ONE simple thing—how to print on fabric—to bypass the gatekeepers and make quilts that impress everyone—even you.

2 reviews for Six Simple Steps with Scraps PDF

  1. Annika (verified owner)

    Wonderful book, as usual! Linda Franz is underselling it with the title. It sounds more like a thin leaflet or something. But this is a complete book, which:
    – Has everything you need to know about printing Inklingo shapes on fabric;
    – Explains in great detail why Inklingo shapes are so helpful and economical for quilters, beginners and advanced alike;
    – Proves why Inklingo is not only perfectly efficient for making quilts using yardage, but also great for making the most of scraps and precuts!

    I love the overview with suggestions of how many specific shapes you can print on charms etc. And the idea to save your printing test pages with the squares to use for scrap quilts. I love a scrappy postage stamp quilt, but I have rinsed my test pages for re-use up to now 🙁

    Every concept, tip and simple step for printing, saving time on cutting, sewing, saving fabric, and achieving (more) precision while piecing, is clearly illustrated with detailed photographs. Even quilters who have never seen an Inklingo shape in their life, will probably ‘get’ the benefits immediately from this book. So I think it is a great introduction for new quilters as well.

    The only thing that could make this book better in my opinion, is if I could read it on my Kindle, so I can keep it next to my sewing project. (The protected PDF-format requires opening it on a device with Acrobat Reader).

  2. Cathi (verified owner)

    This book has so much great information that every Inklingo’er should have it! The Monkey Whispers sections are not to be missed!!

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