Custom Page Sizes

Custom Page Sizes

Print Custom Page Sizes with your Inkjet

In the example above, which I used on The Quilt Show with Alex Anderson and Ricky Tims, if I cut the freezer paper 8.5 x 11, I only get 144 hexagons per yard. If I cut the freezer paper to the suggested Custom Size of 7.25 x 11, I get 210 hexagons per yard. (Watch TQS # 2911.)

Printing custom paper sizes makes better use of your fabric. It could make the difference between being able to use a favorite fabric and not having enough.

Custom sizes also allow you to print small scraps, Jelly Rolls and Nickels with Inklingo.

Every Inklingo shape collection includes Suggested Custom Page sizes for every layout of shapes, so you can print the number of shapes you need without wasting fabric.

Dialog Box for Custom Page Size

Printing a custom paper size is usually as simple as typing the dimensions in a dialog box (above).

You can print custom sizes with any ordinary Inkjet printer or all-in-one. It is not hard.

You could probably do it on your own, but it is so important that Monkey and I have described it in detail in this PDF. It includes all of Monkey’s best tips.

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Custom Page Sizes on Canon, HP, Epson

Many of us like Canon Inkjet printers (no affiliation) because their software makes it especially easy to set custom page sizes, but all Inkjets allow some variation of this feature.

When you are buying an Inkjet printer, you might want to check the printer manual online first, to see how easy/hard it looks to set sizes. There is info about choosing a new printer in the FAQ.

All Inkjet printers have hardware capable of printing custom sizes. The software determines the difference between one Inkjet to another.

For a few years, HP removed custom page sizes from the software (crazy?) and then they restored it. The hardware was always capable of it, so there were workarounds.

Even when it looks as if your printer does not have this capability, there is usually an answer. I can help or you can google “how to print custom page sizes [insert brand and model of printer]” to get step by step instructions.

HP provides this video but it can only be played on YouTube.

EXAMPLE (from HP printer manual):

Set a custom paper size

Use the Custom Paper Size dialog box to print on a special paper size. NOTE: This feature is not available for all paper types.

To define a custom paper size
(You only need to do this once to add a new size to
the dropdown list for future use.)
1. Open the Printer Properties dialog box.
2. Click the Features tab.
3. In the Size drop-down list, select Custom.
The Custom Paper Size dialog box is displayed.
4. In the Name box, type a name for the custom paper size.
5. In the Width and Length boxes, type the dimensions of the custom paper size.
The minimum and maximum dimensions are displayed beneath Width and Length.
6. Click the unit of measurement: Inches or Millimeters.
7. Click Save to save the custom paper size.
8. Click OK to exit the Custom Paper Size dialog box.
9. To use the custom paper size, select its name in the Size drop-down list.

The steps for printing Custom Page Sizes are a little different on Mac, and can be summarized like this:

Open the shape collection in Adobe Reader.

File > Page Setup > Paper Size > Manage Custom Sizes

Click the + sign (bottom left).

Double click on the new untitled line in the box and name your paper size (e.g. Inklingo 7.25 x 12.25)

Tab to the Paper Size boxes to input the width and height.

Click OK to go back to Page Setup, and select Portrait or Landscape.

The screen shots in the PDF (above) show the steps on a PC, but it is still probably be worth a quick review by Mac users.

I get very few requests for help from Mac users, but many Inklingo quilters use Mac, so there is always friendly help available in the Inklingo IO group (previously on Yahoo).

If you do not think you can print Custom Page Sizes:

  1. Check the manufacturer’s website to see if they have improved the driver. (A driver is a small piece of software.)
  2. If you still cannot enter a custom paper size, please contact the printer manufacturer and let them know you need this feature. They have the ability to provide updated drivers, but you need to know that you want this feature.

Inklingo IO group

Epson Support and Drivers

Canon Support and Drivers

If your printer software does not seem to support custom sizes, please let me know. All is not lost! There are a few workarounds I can suggest.