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This is Linda Franz's site for Inklingodownloadable shapes to print on fabric (or for paper pieces)—Lucy Boston, Millefiori QuiltsQuilted Diamonds & Jane Austen.


Part 1 of the video on the Main Lucy Boston Page (under the Shop tab) and there are more videos under the Video tab (above).

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Inklingo is for creative quilters who want to get precise results faster, so they can make better quilts AND finish what they start.







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Inklingo Quilting from The Imitation Game


"I found Inklingo on Pinterest and have so much enjoyed it. It is really quite amazing. Absolutely the best thing since needles and thread." — Susan in Ontario

"Inklingo really made me fall more in love with quilting." — Nancy in Indiana

"Thanks so much for making my quilting life easier." — Terri in Lenoir City TN

Just wanted you to know also that INKLINGO is the greatest thing ever invented!! - Khue in TX

"Just a quick email to say what an amazing product inklingo is. I don't want to do anything else at the moment but print out fabric!" -  Anne in Australia

"I LOVE the precision of Inklingo! While my words may seem obvious to many, for me, the excitement behind them is epic." - Sue in Wisconsin

"I can't remember when I've been this excited about a new (to me) technique!" - Carolyn in Mississippi 

"We agreed that we would never have become the quilters that we are today if we had not found Inklingo." - Carol and Beate in Panama

"I started using Inklingo in 2008. You changed my quilting forever. I've made quilts with shapes I never would have used without it. Congratulations on your 10th anniversary and thankyou. Inklingo is my best quilting friend. lol." - Jeannette in Australia

'inklingo = serious fun!" - Gae in Australia

"Since I took that leap, I have been printing almost daily. I am almost done with my first Passacaglia rosette and am taking about 4 more with me on vacation. I LOVE Inklingo." - Arlene in NY

"I just downloaded my first hexagons. Just ran my fabric through the printer...and WOW. This is amazing! I've got two batches of different colored hexagons. This is better than sliced bread!" - Ellen in Texas

"Just downloaded another pattern and just love the accuracy that inklingo provides with the seams." - Janice in Ontario

"I am so excited that I discovered Inklingo. I was rubber stamping and this is so much easier." - Donna in South Carolina

"I am loving my new Inklingo life. Retirement and Inklingo....priceless." - Heidi in California

"The more I work with Inklingo, the more I appreciate the product and you for all the effort behind the designs as well as the support. What a brilliant, fun, accurate process. Am looking forward to learning and experiencing more. And I love introducing others to Inklingo! – Vicki in BC, Canada

"I just received my book and could not wait to try out printing. It was sew easy peasy. Omg I just love it, thank you for making quilting sew much fun." – Anna in New Mexico

"I have made some wonderful Inklingo quilts that I might otherwise not have made without the fantastic Inklingo computer printed shapes on fabric and I want to take this moment to thank you ever so much for all you do with these patterns and projects." - Sandra in Oregon

"Inklingo is amazing and I am a real fan. Thanks for an absolutely wonderful product." – Fern in Singapore

"I just discovered Inklingo and I'm just thrilled to print my first templates. It was so easy. Thank you!" – Pearl in MA

"The more I use Inklingo, the more I'm enjoying it! It's funny how I now look through quilt magazines, basing my interest in a project on whether or not it's Inklingoable!" – Emily of The Caffeinated Quilter

"While Monkey is a "hand piecing snob," I have decided I am an "Inklingo Snob."  After Inklingo, it is hard to go back to my old methods.  This Snob will only print, cut, and stitch from here forward."  — Mary in Wisconsin

"Thank you for sharing your wonderful accurate and time saving discovery. Quilt making will never be the same!" — Julia in Roseburg Oregon

"Inklingo really has changed my quilting life.  I attempt designs that I never would have tried before.  There is not a design too difficult if you use Inklingo." — Charlsey in Texas

"Those small pieces fit together so slick - the end result is that this wonderful technique you have introduced us to makes us look like we are better at this than we actually may be!  At least I know this to be true in my case. 

No sane person would ever attempt a full size quilt with thousands of tiny pieces without using Inklingo!  The whole thing really is revolutionary"  — Jennifer in Wisconsin

Minus Two Stars Review  One quilter's review gives negative two stars, not five stars. 
Read the whole review on the blog.
 (It's fun!)


Welcometo all quilters, especially to viewers of QNN TV and those who discovered Inklingo through my blog or QuiltingHub or Canadian Quilt Talk or Pat Sloan's Creative Talk Radio, or Bonnie Hunter's Quiltville.

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"Seeing Inklingo reminds me of the first time I saw a rotary cutter!"

"Inklingo is the quilting tool we've always wanted."

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