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how to avoid jams

How to print on fabric JAM-FREE

TOP 10 TUTES on the blog

These tutorials (tutes) are just a few of our favorites.

1. How to Print on Fabric Best Tips  (also: How to test inkjet ink on fabric)

2. Print on Fabric Checklist

3. Printing on Dark Fabric

4. Printing on Jelly Rolls and Scraps

5. Fabric Requirements

6. Fussy Cutting

7. Freezer Paper for Quilters and Why I prefer freezer paper instead of acrylic.

8. Combo Layouts

9. Rotary Cutting with Inklingo (video)

10. Sewing Kits and How to make a Finger Pincushion

You can also use the search box (above the header) to find articles on other topics.


TOP 10 TUTES on the website

These web pages are similar to tutorials on the blog. Some include PDFs or video.

1. Triangle Tips PDF and Video  (under the Machine Piecing tab)
(includes all kinds of triangles—HST, QST, Flying Geese, and more)

2. Back-basting Appliqué with Inklingo (under the Appliqué tab)

3. How to Sew Curves PDF (under the Machine Piecing tab)
(There is also an entry on the blog about sewing Yin Yang curves by hand.)

4. How to Print Custom Page Sizes (under the Support tab)

5. Inklingo Design Books (under the Shop tab)

6. How to Sew a Grandmother’s Flower Garden Quilt (video)

7. Inklingo 6-inch Blocks (under the Shop tab)

8. How to Sew a Feathered Star (video)

9. Why Hand Piece?  PDF (under the Hand Piecing tab)

10. English Paper Piecing Rescue

Explore the other items under the “Support & Goodies” tab too.



1. What is Inklingo?

2. Quick Start Guide (under the Support tab)

3. Inklingo for Beginners  (under the Support tab)

4. Index of Shapes  (under the Support tab)

5. Smart Shopper’s Idea Book  (under the Support tab)

6. Inklingo Patent

7. Monkey’s Cheat Sheet  (under the Support tab)

8. Inklingo Quiz  (under the Support tab)

9. Demo Tips  (Hint: You don’t need a computer!)  (under the Support tab)

10. Affiliate Info

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  1. Wow, what a lot of lovely info — all available from one spot! This one is going into my Favorites. I’m not sure as to how I missed it last year, but I’m glad that you mentioned it again.


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