Encore Presentation of the Seventh LIVE Inklingo Video

Live Inklingo Video with Linda Franz

Thank you to everyone who watched while the video was live! It was a struggle to get started but it all worked out in the end.

Please scroll down to the last image (with the play button) to watch the replay. 

On Friday night the audio and video were not synced and the picture was choppy. We finally gave up after 3 tries—but I kept working on it overnight and all day Saturday.

If you haven’t guessed by now, Persistence is my middle name.

Sewing with Inklnigo Live

I finally found a way to broadcast again but it was exactly 24 hours later than I planned. Thank you to everyone, like Barb, who came back to sew with me.

This is my longest, most demo-rich live video so far. It is jam-packed with great info. There is something for everyone.

I demonstrated simple Inklingo techniques for printing on fabric and sewing stars by machine AND by hand—or with a combination of hand and machine stitching.

Silent Garden Quilt with Inklingo


  • How I finished the edges of my Silent Garden quilt (Millefiori Quilts 3)
  • A chance to name the new star (I haven’t made a final decision, so it’s not too late to suggest something.)
  • What to do when a shape is not inklingo-able (yet), like the partial diamond on the side edges of my Silent Garden.
  • How to use freezer paper with an acrylic ruler to make a template for ANY shape (I used freezer paper templates for the gold part-diamonds on the edge.)
  • Gorgeous examples of stars made by Inklingo quilters
  • Judy Martin’s fabulous new Singular Stars book

How to print on fabric with Inklingo

If you are new to Inklingo, I showed what you can do with the free Diamond Triangle Square shape collection. I have heard from a few long-time Inklingo quilters who say this was a good review for them too.

  • How to prepare fabric and freezer paper to print
  • How to use the Bookmarks panel to navigate in the free shape collection
  • Printing a custom page size with the ANY shape collection
  • Rotary cutting without templates or measuring
  • Hybrid piecing (combining hand and machine piecing in the same block)
  • Circling the intersection by hand for perfect points
  • Sewing sequence for LeMoyne Star (8-pointed star)
  • Pressing technique for LeMoyne Star

I will probably do more printing in every video because it always gets such a great reaction—and that reaction is usually “This is so much simpler than I imagined!”

Un-named Star from Inklingo

Even if you have been using Inklingo for almost 12 years already, there was something for you:

  • Announcement of a new un-named star shape collection, and how it resulted from requests from quilters
  • Info about Inklingo’s precision numbers and sizes
  • Insight into how I design a shape collection
  • How to use precision corners to give you confidence

Wash tub and board

I also explained how Inklingo is a “disruptive technology.”

Did you know you can still buy washtubs and scrubbing boards on Amazon? That doesn’t mean it is the best way to wash fabric or quilts. I feel the same way about acrylic templates. You can still buy them in 2018. Wow. Who would have believed it.

Star quilt by Kathy Timmons with Inklingo


Kathy in Mexico’s Flickr album of Inklingo 8-pointed stars (fussy cut) The photo above is just a small section of it! Visit the album to see close-up photos of all of the stars.

Main Stars Page (under the Shop tab on the Inklingo website)

Top Ten Tutes (on the All About Inklingo blog)

Main Beginner’s Page (where to get the free shape collection)

Cathi’s Quilt Obsession Blog  Beautiful and frequent inspiration for many Inklingo quilt designs

Barb’s Just Sayin’ Sew Blog (great article showing how she fussy cuts with Inklingo)


Next Inklingo Live Video

Yahoo Groups and subscribers did not get emails this time. The message sent to Yahoo Groups was delayed several days for some unknown reason.

The most reliable way to know what is new is to subscribe to the blog by email. I spent several days last week getting issues fixed there, so emails are being delivered again. Some quilters had not heard from me for a long time but it is fixed now.

It is a good idea to check the Inklingo Facebook Page frequently. IMPORTANT  You cannot count on Facebook to show you anything from Inklingo anymore, even when you have liked the page. Facebook changed the rules in January. They pester me all day long with messages asking me for money to show my photos and videos to the people who have already liked the Inkingo page. I only break down and pay for ads occasionally, so if you don’t visit on your own, you will miss what I share there..

Introduction to Inklingo

Please share the Inklingo videos with your friends. This one, on the Main Beginner’s Page is only 8 minutes and it explains how Inklingo works.

I still have to add Live 07 to the  summary of the other LIVE videos on the website. (Click on the Video tab.)

As I mentioned in Live 07, I am thrilled that I was able to edit Live 01 and Live 02 to remove my rookie mistakes (wrong camera view, overlapping audio). I think I can post those on YouTube. I’m still figuring out how to do that. Persistence.

I am learning with each new video. When I watch the replay, there are always things I think I could do better next time. It is a huge learning experience for me and I hope each video is Time Well Spent for you.

Click this image for the replay of Live Inklingo Video 07.

Please tell your friends about the video because they may not know about it yet.

If you missed it or if you need a review, you can watch Live 07 now, okay? Thank you for watching and thank you for visiting.

Linda & Monkey


13 thoughts on “Encore Presentation of the Seventh LIVE Inklingo Video”

  1. Watched your videos and the one’s on YouTube. Your Inklingo has changed my way of thinking and planning quilts. I have shared you video on Facebook.
    Thank you Linda.

  2. Dear Cathi,
    I often think of you when I am planning the demos for the videos. It is nice to know that I can count on friendly watchers who are patient even when things don’t work out exactly as planned.
    I miss those days at Jillybeans too. Gone but not forgotten.

  3. Hi Dorothy,
    I am sorry you have not been sewing since your fall. It is nice that you can enjoy watching me. I hope the videos will inspire you and you will be able to sew again. Take care.

  4. Hi Donna,
    Thank you for the encouragement. I am delighted to know that you enjoy the videos. I hope the lessons will encourage you to try printing on fabric yourself. Let me know how you do, okay?

  5. Once again, I learned something new from the video – even though I have been using Inklingo since the very first collection on CD, I always learn something from your videos. They are so much worth watching for all of us and I love that you give a bit of recap of what was on when you post the encore presentations as I will remember you showed something and go check and, sure enough, I can find it easily from your recaps. Plus, of course, seeing you on the live videos always reminds me of the days at Jillybeans . I swear I’m smiling the entire time the live video is on!

  6. I’ve enjoyed sewing most of my life and loved your quilting design, but had a bad fall over a year ago and haven;t been able to sew due to health problems. I would love to sew as you do and will keep watching!

    Dorothy Bell

  7. Thanks for your very informative presentation which I watched yesterday. For your beautiful new star pattern I suggest; Stargazer, or Morning Star.

  8. Hi Linda,
    I believe you have all the technology kinks worked out! I received the reminder email and the link to video 7. The video was well done and very helpful. I plan to go back and watch the other videos. I really admire your persistence and willingness to devote so much time to share your expertise. Technology is a wonderful tool but can be so frustrating. I love the concept of Inklingo but have not used it a lot. I had printing problems the last time I tried but maybe with the videos I can move forward. I love to hand piece but I am excited about your machine piecing as well. Thank you for everything you do!

  9. Hi Kathy,
    I was thrilled to be able to share your Flickr album of stars! You have been inspiring me for a long, long time now.
    “If you can draw it, you can cut it apart and sew it back together.” That was something I said over and over again when I was teaching Quilted Diamonds. Thank you for reminding me.
    I’m still working on the new new as-yet-un-named star. There have been some great suggestions so far! Thank you for yours too.

  10. Hi Linda,
    I was just able to watch the Encore of #7. It worked beautifully. You are so brave. I could not imagine doing what you do for us!
    The new star is gorgeous- I have 3 names I thought of immediately:
    1-Linda’s Star
    2-Monkey’s Glowing Star
    3-Glow Star
    I know you have probably already picked a name but just my 2cents. VBG
    I think it was very nice the info you gave about freezer paper templates. I have been able to use that method since Quilted Diamonds on countless # of odd sized patches. If you can draw it and cut it apart-you can sew it back together.
    Thanks so much!!!



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