Millefiori Quilts 1

Willyne Hammerstein’s beautiful first book includes patterns for 20 stunning designs and notes about Willyne’s life story.

The quilt on the cover is called Passacaglia. It was the first to become  popular—but the others are fabulous too.

Good News!

Millefiori Quilts is not just for quilters who like English Paper Piecing.

Willyne hand pieces with a running stitch—and NOT English Paper
Piecing, as I originally thought. MessyJesse took a class from Willyne
Hammerstein and shares photos on her blog.

“I have been brainwashed recently into thinking I needed to EPP everything (hurts my hands) or buy expensive templates! I really enjoyed your post on why they aren’t necessary!” Elaine in England

Why I don’t sell acrylic templates.

Passacaglia is a Baroque music form from the 1600s which was destined to cause confusion for quilters in the twenty-first century!

1. Some quilters mistakenly think La Passacaglia is called Millefiori because it is on the cover of the Millefiori Quilts book.

2. There is also a Millefiore Quilt Along based on a book by Katja Marek, which uses different shapes (which are also Inklingo-able).

3. The Patchworks of Lucy Boston also includes a quilt called Passacaglia

4. There is a free Inklingo pattern by Tilde in Denmark called Passacaglia. It was published in 2009.

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