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This downloadable version of the hardcover book is jam-packed with information using Winding Ways as the example but it is NOT just for quilters sewing Winding Ways designs.

The hardcover book is lovely but this version was added especially for quilters overseas because the postage is so high now.

80 pages, downloadable version

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April 2022 If you are outside the USA, postage is very high, so you might prefer to get the Download Winding Ways Quilting the Inklingo Way version. The content is the same as in the hardcover book.

This book is for you whether you are a beginner or an expert, whether or not you print with Inklingo, whether or not you fussy cut some of the shapes, whether you use a rotary cutter or scissors, whether you sew by hand or by machine or both, and whether you use yardage or scraps.

Why I Chose Winding Ways

Winding Ways was a good choice for what I wanted to teach. The info applies to any design, not just Winding Ways.

My mission is to make quilting more accessible. Although I try to entice you with a variety of Winding Ways designs, the Winding Ways examples will give you new insight into all of your quilts.

The gentle curves of Winding Ways are perfect for impressive, charming quilts. The book will take you much farther down a winding path. The info makes all curvy designs simpler and gives you a good understanding of how to use Inklingo or freezer paper templates.

Winding Ways has never been this precise, simple, and fast. No wonder quilters say Inklingo is the best thing to happen to quilting since the rotary cutter.

If you are interested in making a better quilt with less work in less time, you have found the way!

Tools & Supplies for Download Winding Ways Quilting the Inklingo Way

I recommend buying at least one Inklingo Winding Ways shape collection so you can print the shapes on fabric and benefit from more design tools. However, you can use this book without Inklingo or acrylic templates.

  • optional (but recommended) Inklingo Winding Ways shape collection & color Inkjet printer (any kind)
  • freezer paper (FP, for short)
  • cotton fabric washed
  • rotary cutter, two rulers, and a mat (or scissors)
  • needles & thread for hand piecing or sewing machine
  • scissors for paper
  • mechanical pencil and eraser, thin ruler,
  • 1/2 inch strip of paper (photo page 15)
  • iron and ironing surface

The gentle curves—printed on the fabric with Inklingo—are not difficult to machine piece. Of course, you can hand piece if you prefer a portable project.

Quilting does not have to be so expensive! Start with what you have and add little luxuries later. The important thing is to be creative.

Winding Ways - Quilting the Inklingo Way

Milky Way and Going My Way. (Cool way to name them, eh?)

Winding Ways Quilting Patterns

There are patterns for more than a dozen quilts in the book with all the ways to make them—by hand, by machine, hybrid, and with or without fussy cutting.

print shapes for Winding Ways on fabric


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