Winding Ways

I chose Winding Ways for my newest book because it allowed me to teach so much!

The new book shows how you can get better results, faster by printing the shapes on fabric with Inklingo OR by using Freezer Paper templates than you can get using plastic or acrylic templates. I love this book, as you can see in the video.

Winding Ways (also called Wheel of Mystery) is a direct path to building your quilting confidence.

Winding Ways quilt design

1. Exciting Designs and Fussy Cutting!

Follow a traditional pattern or get creative with two or three sizes and the examples in the books.

Winding Ways Quilt Design

2. Simple to Decide How Much Fabric

Diagrams for each Inklingo Winding Ways quilt pattern layout make it simple to decide how much fabric you need whether you are using scraps or yardage.

3. Easy to Cut

No templates! Use scissors or a rotary cutter. No expensive cutting machines required—and there are perfect stitching lines and matching marks printed on every piece!

4. Precision Corners

Sew quickly and accurately (machine or hand) thanks to the precision corners and helpful matches.

In this special case, we want the dog ears to help line up the seams, but there is a line so you can trim them off afterwards.

Winding Ways template sizes

5. A choice of sizes!

The sizes were chosen to work together, so you can make stunning designs.

Inklingo Combo Layout for Winding Ways quilt

6. Combo Layouts

Quilters love Inklingo Combo Layouts. Save time and save fabric by printing scraps with all three shapes to mix and match in several blocks.

Winding Ways one-page guide

7. One-Page Guide

Monkey and I designed an innovative, illustrated guide for reference. It will keep you organized while you sew and press.

Winding Ways quilt with scallop border

8. Border Designs

Use Winding Ways for the perfect edge on an appliqué quilt—or any quilt! A curved binding is always impressive, and my instructions for a scalloped binding are free online.

“It’s funny how pleased I am with myself as I sew my Winding Ways blocks. Having things come together so easily, I can calmly sew and feel myself growing more and more relaxed as my pieces come so smoothly together. I am not a fast piecer but I am not stitching for speed. I am enjoying the serenity I gain from my piecing time. Thank you so much, Linda!” – Nancy in Indiana

Fussy Cut Winding Ways quilt block

See more designs in the Winding Ways album on Pinterest!

Winding Ways Quilt Design

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