Inklingo Cheat Sheet

Inklingo is compatible with ANY pattern that uses the same shapes and sizes.

It is especially easy to use Inkingo with a pre-Inklingo pattern if all of the information is collected in one place, so Monkey prepared a “cheat sheet,” which you can refer to at the cutting mat and save in your Inklingo binder. (Cheat Sheet is defined in Wikipedia.)

Monkey's Inklingo Cheat Sheet

Monkey’s recommendations

use a pencil, not a pen, to jot down all the info you have
include shapes that are not printed
include a little sketch, if you have one
remember to note P or L (portrait or landscape) with the size
include the reference number from Jinny Beyer’s Quilter’s Album of Patchwork Patterns or Barbara Brackman’s Encyclopedia of Pieced Blocks, if you have it
use abbreviations (s for scrap, etc)
save it to use again or to share with friends

button PDF  Example

Tilde in Denmark used to post a new block every Friday on the Inklingo Sampler blog, to show how easy it is to use Inklingo for a wide variety of pre-Inklingo designs. We used two of Tilde’s sampler blocks in the example (above), so you can see how we use it. You can print as many fresh, blank copies as you like from the PDF.

button PDF Blank Cheat Sheet

Click the PDF buttons to view in your browser, or
Right-Click and choose Save As to download and save to your hard drive.
(Remember where you put it!)