Index of Inklingo Shapes

Inklingo Index of Shapes

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Hexagons—all kinds (60° and 90°, plus parts)

Diamonds—all kinds (45°, 60°, Storm At Sea, Jane Austen, plus triangle parts)

Triangles—all kinds (HST, QST, Flying Geese, HRT, 60°)

Polygons—all kinds (Squares, Rectangles, Octagons, Parallelograms, Pentagons, Tumblers, Kites)

Shapes with Curves—a big category! (Apple Core, Orange Peel, Dresden Plate, Double Wedding Ring, Yin Yang, Winding Ways, and MORE!)

Appliqué Designs—including free appliqué designs

Millefiori Quilts – for the designs by Willyne Hammerstein

When Harry Met Sally

The Inklingo Index of Shapes is a handy summary of the shapes available to print on fabric with Inklingo—so far. It is updated every time a new collection is added. There are clickable links to each collection.


Hexagons     Diamonds     Triangles     Polygons       Curves      Appliqué     Millefiori

All Inklingo shapes are described with the finished size (no seam allowances).

All dimensions are in inches except some shapes for Millefiori Quilts which are in centimeters, as noted.

The Inklingo Handbook

Chapter 1 of The Inklingo Handbook, Printing with Inklingo, is included with the FREE shape collection on pages H1-H48.

Main Beginner’s Page

Just Getting Started with Inklingo? The friendly quilters on the Inklingo IO group are also a great source of information. Please join us.

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