Inklingo Combo Layouts are Quilting Magic

Inklingo quilters love printing on fabric with Inklingo Combo Layouts. These innovative layouts can save time and save fabric.

Inklingo Combo Layout


You can print 27 shapes for a two-fabric Pine Cone block on only two sheets of fabric, thanks to Inklingo Combo Layouts.

It’s like magic!

Inklingo Combos


Monkey says I got carried away. I say that the extra time I spend designing these special layouts is worth it—so you can save fabric and save time.

No matter how many Combos there are, you can print the shapes separately too, as usual.

Inklingo Combo Layout Pine Cone A C D

This is the Combo I used to print the turquoise fabric.

I was in the mood for a little hand piecing, so I chose a 4.5 inch block. Only two sheets of fabric are required for 6 and 9 inch blocks too, thanks to the Combos. (I usually machine piece the larger sizes.)

Pine Cone laid out to sew


To stay organized, I keep the pieces all laid out in order on my sewing surface, either all wrong side up or all right side up. (It doesn’t really matter which, as long as they are all the same way.)

A few things to notice:

1. Each row of triangles must start with a B. If is easy to confuse B and C when you are just beginning, but if B it gets moved into the row by mistake, you will need to rip.

Inklingo Pine Cone shapes

The matches are a great clue. Love those magical matches!

2. It’s hard to imagine how these triangles will “shrink” so they will fit on the middle shape, but they do.

Inklingo Pine Cone ready to sew

3. The two F pieces in the photo above are laid out incorrectly. Compare to the finished block below. I caught the error before I sewed them incorrectly because the matches did not match this way. Love those matches! Magical.

4. Keep an eye on the orientation of the diagonal seams. Turn one the wrong way and you will be ripping.

Turn a corner a the end of every seam

The featured rows of triangles goes together fast, thanks to “continuous stitching,˜`turning a corner at the end of every seam.

Pressing Guide for Pine Cone

I can check my accuracy against the Pressing Guide in each shape collection. Another bonus that works like magic!

2 Inklingo Combo Layouts for a Pine Cone block


A final press and we’re ready for more.

Pine Cone Quilt Design Book

All of the details are in the Inklingo Pine Cone Quilt Design Book—FREE for a limited time.

Do you know the difference between Inklingo “design books,” shape collections, and patterns? Design books have the “how to” and not shapes. Shape collections have the shapes to print on fabric and not instructions, if there is a design book. Patterns do not have shapes either but work with one of the shape collections.

Print two Inklingo Combo Layouts for a Pine Cone block

I want to play some more with this one.

  Pine Cone 4.5 inch  Pine Cone 6 inch  Pine Cone 9 inch

There is more detail about the new shapes on the website (click on the covers) and in the Shop.

Introduction to Inklingo

If you are new to Inklingo, please start with the free shape collection for Diamond Triangle Square. Main Beginner’s Page.

I think you might like to see more about this, especially the fun opportunities for fussy cutting!

Pine Cone is simplified with Inklingo Combo Layouts

So many setting options.

Monkey Pine Cone Reviews

Monkey is a little bit shy about asking.  WILL YOU WRITE A REVIEW?

Several quilters have written to me privately to tell me know much they like the new design book. It really helps me if you share a review on the website too. Review the Pine Cone Quilt Design Book Thank you in advance!

We appreciate reviews for any other Inklingo shape collections and design books too.

Let’s all stay safe and print and sew!

Thank you for visiting.

Linda & Monkey

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