NEW Inklingo Book!

Today is the day! Monkey, Russ and I are bursting with special news that I am very excited to share with you.

Winding Ways book by Linda Franz

Yes, a new book! It is at the printer now—all proofs approved, on the presses in Manitoba, Canada. It will be ready to ship to you by mid April.

The website is ready to accept pre-orders! (I hope you will pre-order.) Orders will be shipped in the order in which they are received.

You can be one of the first to have it.

Inklingo Winding Ways

Why Winding Ways?
I chose Winding Ways because it allowed me to teach everything I wanted to teach, including my best instructions yet for TWO ways of fussy cutting, rotary and scissors cutting, sewing curves by hand or by machine, using freezer paper templates (à la Quilted Diamonds), design options, and even more.

This book is truly all about my mission—to make quilting more accessible. I took a generous approach. The instructions are useful no matter what quilt you are making.

Winding Ways book by Linda Franz

As it says on the back cover:
“This book might convince you that the Way to Go is to buy a downloadable Inklingo Winding Ways shape collection to print shapes on fabric. The advantages are amazing. However, you can make all of the designs with just the book, without Inklingo and definitely without acrylic templates.”

Winding Ways quilt block

Winding Ways has been a popular design with Inklingo quilters since I introduced the first three shape collections for it in 2010—a long time ago—but the more time I spent on it, the more I realized that this could be valuable to quilters whether they are interested in making Winding Ways or not.

I enjoyed every moment working on this one. The ideas kept coming and I re-worked it several times. Joyful.

Winding Ways book sample pages

In some ways, this book goes even beyond The Inklingo Handbook.

Writing and illustrating this one clarified my thinking and helped me incorporate feedback from Inklingo quilters in the last 15 years.

Yes, the focus is Winding Ways and there are more than a dozen WW quilt designs included but I think it is much more important than that. I think you will love it—even if you never make a Winding Ways quilt—and even if you do not use Inklingo (yet).

I love it so much that I chose hard cover this time—my first—and premium, heavy, glossy paper. That might tell you something right there. I still kept the price as low as low can be.

Inklingo Winding Ways

Please stay tuned and tell your friends.

There is more news coming. I will tell you more about the book and share sample pages in the next two weeks as I introduce more Winding Ways shape collections. New sizes and new shapes are coming to complement the book too. Details soon.

I am very excited to share this news with you, so the secret is out!

Winding Ways by Linda Franz

Thank you for visiting. I hope you will celebrate with me.

Ready to pre-order? Yes, please.

Linda & Monkey

8 thoughts on “NEW Inklingo Book!”

  1. Bonjour Linda

    Est ce que vous livrez votre livre en France ? J aimerais beaucoup l avoir

    Merci de votre réponse

    Maryse Chemin

  2. Just got the book in the mail! It is perfectly done and I will cherish this book! A great addition to all of the patterns and other books.
    Highly recommend it!


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