New Winding Ways Book – Quilting the Inklingo Way

Thank you to everyone who has ordered my new Winding Ways book already.

Winding Ways - Milky Way

I am very grateful that you are confident ordering sight unseen! It’s been way better than even Monkey expected.

Trans Canada HWY


We tracked the new Winding Ways – Quilting the Inklingo Way book all the way from Manitoba to Ontario.

This is the same printer I have used for Quilted Diamonds, Quilted Diamonds 2, The Inklingo Handbook, Lucy Boston Patchwork of the Crosses, and Jane Austen Patchwork Mystery—and all of their many reprints.

The only way it is different this time is that the book is hardcover and has even more luxurious art paper! (80 pages, only $24.95)

Winding Ways by Linda Franz sample pages

There are patterns for more than a dozen quilts in the book with all the ways to make them—by hand, by machine, hybrid, and with or without fussy cutting.

These two examples are Milky Way and Going My Way. (Cool way to name them, eh?)

If you prefer a different size from the one I chose for a quilt, the instructions include ways to make it bigger or smaller with FIVE sizes of blocks from 3 inch to 12 inch.

The Milky Way will always be whatever size it is (about 100,000 light years across) but your Milky Way quilt can be any size you choose—likely not measured in light years and probably less than 2100 km. That could be way too big.

print shapes on fabric


It won’t take light years to make any of your Winding Ways quilts either, if you do it the Inklingo way.

The book includes everything you need to make all of the designs without Inklingo too. There are complete instructions for using Freezer Paper templates, so it is valuable even if you are not doing it the Inklingo way (yet).

variations of Winding Ways quilt blocks

Everything is consistent with my mission to make quilting more accessible.

I think this book justified doing a hard cover version. Most quilters will want to hold it in their hands but I am considering adding a downloadable version later this year. It would be primarily for overseas quilters because the postage is so high. Please stay tuned for more about that.

New shape collections are coming to complement the book too. Details soon.

There are more photos on the Inklingo Facebook page and I am sharing some with the Inklingo IO Group too.

Winding Ways by Linda Franz

Thank you for visiting. I hope you are celebrating one way or another with Russ, Monkey and me.

Ready to order? (I hope so!)

Linda & Monkey

6 thoughts on “New Winding Ways Book – Quilting the Inklingo Way”

  1. Hello Linda,

    This is great news that the books are on their way. I just love WInding Ways Quilts. I am ending my quilting hobby. My hands are to sore from arthritis, I cannot hold a needle in my hands to much pain. But I have no regrets, I will continue to receive all your updates and leave comments on the Blog.
    I have enjoyed working with all the great shapes that I purchased from you. It was the best experience in quilting for me. You made such a difference . For that alone I am gratefull and I thank you for alll your hard work and dedication to quilting.

    Best regards.

    • Oh, Louise. I am sorry your arthritis is so bad. Lucy Boston had arthritis and there are many Inklingo quilters who suffer with it. I did not know yours is so bad. I hope other quilters will share their tips for coping with it. I always love to see your comments. Take care.

  2. Goodness, if your printer shipped just one copy in the opposite direction, I do believe I would have a copy before all of you in the east.

  3. I cannot wait to hold the book in my hands! The two designs are gorgeous -I really love the Milky Way design but have a feeling I’ll be saying that about every one of the designs in the book!

    I wonder if Monkey might be persuaded to give us a daily morning report on the whereabouts of the truck so we can track its progress with you?

    • I will do my best, Cathi. The truck should be leaving in the next 10 days. I hope we get the same truck driver as all the other times. He knows our driveway very well and always has a laugh with Russ.


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