Winding Ways 3 inch Templates

There are two new shape collections for Winding Ways to make 3 inch blocks!

Winding Ways 3 inch shapes   Winding Ways 3 inch Deluxe  Winding Ways by Linda Franz


We are celebrating the new hardcover book with TWO new downloadable shape collections.

Winding Ways miniatures


These 3 inch blocks are just like eating peanuts.

How to stop?

Print, cut, sew. They fall together so easily and are a great hand piecing project.

Print shapes on charms


If you have charms (above) or scraps of fabric and are looking for a portable project for the spring and summer, there could not be anything better.

Winding Ways 3 inch blocks

I love the combo layouts because . . .

Winding Ways Combo Layout

. . . I can print two sheets of fabric for all the shapes for two blocks!

Winding Ways 3 inch blocks

The hard part is stopping.

Winding Ways 3 inch blocks

Obviously, too hard for me.

Stopping, that is. I just keep printing and sewing.

Winding Ways 3 inch blocks


Winding Ways variation

A cool variation.

There are many more in the new book.

Winding Ways 3 inch blocks


There are wonderful, complete, detailed instructions for fussy cutting in my new Winding Ways book.

Fussy Cut with Inklingo

I think the new book has the best instructions for both methods of fussy cutting with Inklingo.

Both of the new shape collections include instructions for sewing by hand, worksheets and more. There are descriptions on the website.

All of the blocks I have shown so far today use the Winding Ways 3 inch shape collection. It includes the basic shapes.

Winding Ways by Linda Franz sample pages

The Winding Ways 3 inch Deluxe shape collection includes BONUS shapes for many variations. I will show more of the Deluxe options next time.


As usual, the two new shape collections are at a reduced price for the first week only. Great value at full price—even better at $5 off for quilters who act now.

All of the info in the new hardcover book is valuable whether you are making Winding Ways or not, so please have a look!

Winding Ways by Linda Franz

My dream is that this hardcover book will become a favorite reference for ANY design, not just Winding Ways!

All of the pre-orders have been mailed. Russ and I are all caught up and ready to mail a book to you.


If you have already received your book in the mail, I hope you love it and will want to leave a review. Feedback from quilters like you helps me improve.

Many of you have been printing on fabric with Inklingo for so long that it is easy to forget what it was like when it was new. You can help quilters who are considering Inklingo by leaving a review.

I have more shapes printed and ready to sew today during the Masters and the hockey game. No, I cannot stop.

I hope you will be printing and sewing today too.

There are photos of more Winding Ways blocks and settings on the Inklingo Facebook page. Thank you for visiting.

Linda & Monkey

4 thoughts on “Winding Ways 3 inch Templates”

  1. Is there any chance that you could offer the special shapes from the Deluxe shape collections as an add-on in the 6″ size. I own the 6″ size, but think that both the 3″ and 12″ are not the size I want to work with. I have made several smaller items using the 6″ Winding Ways PDF, but am not interested in either of the other two. I would just like the special shapes in 6″.

    • Hi Judy, Good news. I am working on shape collections with the deluxe shapes for the existing 4.5 inch, 6 inch and 9 inch shape collections. I will be able to roll them out in the next few weeks. I am pleased you are interested!

  2. Hello Linda,

    Wow, this is just so beautiful! I always loved Winding Ways, but you just brought it to a new level. I love the color variation, it’s so different. This could look amazing in so many colors. Talk about fussy cutting, my head in spinning with ideas. Thank you again as always for all your wonderful ideas.


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