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Introduction to Inklingo

Introduction to Inklingo
This short video explains how Inklingo works.

You could start printing on fabric in the next few minutes—free!


Ordinary Color Inkjet

What is Inklingo?
Inklingo is . . . a digital file which prints shapes on fabric with any ordinary Inkjet printer.

Inklingo (US Patent 7,814,832) is the quilting tool we've always wanted.

Inklingo is an alternative to English Paper Piecing, Acrylic Templates, Paper or Foundation Piecing and Die Cutters.

It is amazing for machine piecing, hand piecing, and appliqué.

Inklingo is . . . PRINT - CUT - SEW
Inklingo is . . . for all types of piecing and appliqué.
Inklingo is . . . so innovative, it is patented!

Inklingo is, by far, the best thing that has happened to my quilting experience since I began a few years ago.  It has given me so much confidence, that I plan to try hand quilting as well.  Thank you, Linda and Monkey! - Suzanne in WI

Why use Inklingo?
Who uses Inklingo?
FREE Inklingo
How does Inklingo work?
80 Second Video
What quilters say about Inklingo


Why use Inklnigo?

Just print, cut, and sew. Iron freezer paper to the fabric, and print perfect shapes with Inklingo. No measuring. No math. No special tools. You can even cut with scissors if you don't have a rotary cutter.

Inklingo is the best way to go straight to the fun part.
Choose your fabrics, start sewing sooner, finish faster! 

Inklingo is a simple and economical way to save time and make better quilts.

  • simplifies the cutting
  • simplifies the sewing
  • tells you how much fabric you need and uses it efficiently
  • allows you to cut with a rotary cutter or scissors (kid friendly)
  • great for speed cutting, even several layers at a time

Inklingo is

  • compatible with scraps, Jelly Rolls, nickels and even "fussy cutting"
  • compatible with any book or pattern
  • perfect for beginning quilters and for children
  • especially useful for complicated designs like Feathered Star, Storm At Sea, Double Wedding Ring, and many others


Who uses Inklingo?

On this site, when the text is green, it is clickable.

PRINT - CUT - SEW is simpler, faster, more accurate, and makes complicated designs simpler.




As soon as you see those perfect shapes printed on the fabric, you know you will be happy with the results. 


Inklnigo When NOW Free

I am so convinced that you will love Inklingo, that there are two free shape collections!

For Piecing:  Diamonds/Triangles/Squares

For Appliqué: Circle of Hearts

From those pages you can Add to Cart, Checkout, Download, and start Inklingoing in the next few minutes!


How does Inklingo work?


Iron freezer paper to the fabric and PRINT the shapes on the fabric, as if it was paper.

CUT the shapes apart with a rotary cutter or scissors.

SEW by machine or by hand.

Every step is simpler with accurate lines on the fabric.

1. Digital Files

2. Types of Downloads

3. Books on Paper

4. About the Shapes

5. Catalogue of Shapes

6. About the Shape Layouts

7. About the Ink

8. About Printing on Fabric

9. Fabric Requirements

10. Affiliate Program

11. Navigating the Web Site

12. The All About Inklingo Blog

13. Inklingo Yahoo Group

14. History of Inklingo


What Quilters say about Inklingo

Inklingo is fabulous for young, cool quilters and mature, wise quilters, whether they use a rotary cutter or scissors.

"I think this is the "next revolution" in quilting, equal to the rotary cutter, paper piecing, acrylic templates and Internet groups." - Mary in Wisconsin

"The more I sew using your terrific system, the more I love it! What's more; I find I have a hard time doing anything NOT Inklingo. If I see a pattern not suited to Inklingo, it rapidly gets shunted away from any kind of priority!" Claudia in Spain

"Seeing Inklingo reminds me of the first time I saw a rotary cutter!" 

Inklingo Quiz (just for fun)