Rotary Cutting with Inklingo on QuiltingHub

Inklingo on Quilting Hub

“Layer to Cut” is so simple it is easy to underestimate its advantages, so there is a new tutorial on QuiltingHub today.

No templates, no measuring, no weird rulers!

This seems to be a good time to review the advantages of rotary cutting with Inklingo here too.


Safe rotary cutting with Inklingo

Place the blade of the cutter on the line first and then slide the ruler into position.

Inklingo is faster and safer than cutting without a line when you use this routine:

  1. Plant the blade firmly on the cutting line near the closest edge of the fabric.
  2. Slide the ruler against the blade.
  3. Nudge the ruler into alignment with the other end of the cutting line (red arrow, above).
  4. Roll the cutter back to the starting edge and then forward to the end of the line.


This routine is different from traditional rotary cutting where we measure and position the ruler before we plant the blade of the cutter.

The Inklingo way is safer because the blade is positioned first and therefore is not as likely to chip the edge of the ruler or jump over the edge and cause an injury.



Once you have removed the freezer paper and cut a layer of fabric into rows, you can stack the rows to cut several layers at a time as shown in the video.

Try cutting one or two layers at a time, and then try three or more.

I filmed this short video 5 years ago wearing a TINY camera on my forehead. It was a good idea in theory but it broke right away. In those days the POTC hexagons were called Inklingo Lite # 4.

This information is also in the first chapter of The Inklingo Handbook, which is included in the free Diamond Triangles Square shape collection on pages H5 – H48.


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The days go by so quickly. Let’s make today a happy start to December with at least a few minutes to sew.

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  1. Very nice tute on QuitingHub, Linda. You know, sometimes we just need a reminder of how efficiently shapes can be cut. My jaw dropped when I saw how easy it is to cut 100 shapes in no time!


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