The Inklingo Point Trimmer Tool

Introducing The Inklingo Point Trimmer Tool for Quilters

It’s built into every Inklingo shape collection. Since 2006. No extra charge!

precision corners on half square triangles

There are extra cutting lines at the corners of Inklingo shapes.

Inklingo prints lines to mark those pesky dog ears. That makes it easier to match the ends of seams so you can stitch precisely—without guessing—even without a stitching line.

Inklingo Point Trimmer Tool

Trimming also eliminates bulk, dog ears, and shadowing. Monkey and I like that.

Other Point Trimmer Tools

The Inklingo Point Trimmer Tool is missing a few things you get with acrylic Point Trimmer Tools.

The Inklingo Point Trimmer Tool does not include:

  • complexity (What degree is this angle? No need to know!)
  • acrylic (Why I don’t Sell Acrylic Templates)
  • instructions (Look & sew?)
  • a how-to video (Inklingo lines make it obvious.)
  • a cheat sheet (What could it possibly say?)
  • postage (Free, instant delivery via download with Inklingo instead.)
  • waiting for delivery (Monkey and I are too impatient!)
  • time and effort to position an extra gadget accurately after cutting the shapes (It invites mistakes.)

Acrylic template with built-in precision corners.

Should I cut with the fabric right-side up or wrong-side up?

Some acrylic templates have built-in precision corners to trim when you cut the shapes (above). This is not as desirable. It is an extra step and an opportunity for mistakes. It is not as safe because it of the temptation to cut in awkward positions to avoid turning the fabric. It doesn’t work with scissors either.

A line on the fabric is better and allows you to choose to trim accurately before sewing, after sewing (below), or not at all.

Oh, well. I guess you can’t have it all.

Inklingo Point Trimmer Tool

Oh, wait! You Can Have It All

If you don’t want to print on fabric (???) and you like fussing around with positioning a gadget on fabric shapes—Inklingo lets you do that too!

Print on Freezer Paper (or other paper) with Inklingo and attach it to any acrylic ruler to make as many Point Trimmer Tools as you want! If you lose one, you can make another one in a jiffy.

In other words, if you have the FREE Diamond Triangle Square shape collection PDF, you don’t need to buy an acrylic corner trimming tool for triangles or 45° diamonds.

Monkey says “You’re welcome.” (Some quilters PAY $xx for little pieces of acrylic because the marketing is convincing.)

Inklingo Point Trimmer Tool for Cleopatra's Fan

The Inklingo Point Trimmer Tool on Unprinted Fabric Shapes

You can also print one fabric with Inklingo and use it to cut layers of fabric for unprinted shapes. The printed sheet of fabric is a template that doesn’t slide around. Some shapes will not have stitching lines. We don’t usually need those for machine piecing anyway—but the corners allow you to align everything perfectly.

This has the same disadvantage (described above) as acrylic templates with built-in precision corners.

Inklingo Point Trimmer Tool

To Trim or Not To Trim

With Inklingo, you can trim now, trim later, or not trim at all!

Sometimes it is better NOT to trim before sewing. The little lines still help you align shapes accurately and you have something to hold on to. Cleopatra’s Fan is a good example (above).

Trim the point but after sewing, as described in the Cleopatra’s Fan Design Book PDF.

Winding Ways - Quilting the Inklingo Way

I leave the dog ears on while I sew Winding Ways too—and trim afterward.

My Winding Ways book (2021) is a wonderful resource for ANY design, not just Winding Ways. (Downloadable PDF or Beautiful Hardcover).

Monkey says Winding Ways – Quilting The Inklingo Way is the best—”The Inklingo Handbook—on steroids.”

free Inklingo shape collection

Try The Inklingo Point Trimmer Tool Today – FREE

Try this new/old tool TODAY with the Diamond Triangle Square shape collection PDF to make a Lemoyne Star, Half Square Triangles, or Quarter Square Triangles. It’s free. How can you resist?

History of The Inklingo Point Trimmer Tool

The Inklingo Point Trimmer Tool is not new. It’s old. And historic.

Since the very first Inklingo shape collection—way back in 2006—there have been precision corners on triangles, diamonds, kites, and all kinds of polygons—octagons, kites, trapezoids, parallelograms, etc. (Index of Shapes)

Point Trimming is described in The Inklingo Handbook (2009). In Chapter 1.

Chapter 1 is included in the FREE Diamond Triangle Square shape collection PDF. Yes, FREE. Order, download, and go to page H18.

Inklingo Free Fabric Sample

If you include your address when you order, I will even send you a free fabric sample (example above) with shapes that include The Inklingo Point Trimmer Tool for triangles and diamonds! (Canada & USA only)

The Inklingo Point Trimmer Tool is always in stock—no backorders. Cool, eh?

Do you want more acrylic to clutter up your sewing room? Wouldn’t you rather buy fabric?

Print on fabric with Inklingo

Learn one simple thing—how to print on fabric—and sew your best quilts.

I would love to see your comments on The Inklingo Point Trimmer Tool!

Love the Lines. Quilt more!

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