Circling Swallows in Electric Quilt

Circling Swallows in Electric Quilt

Out of the Blue – Circling Swallows in Electric Quilt

Inklingo quilter Loren Lundgren in Colorado sent me a perfect EQ8 project file for Circling Swallows and permitted me to share it with everyone.

Download the Circling Swallows PJ8.

Thank you, Loren! From all Inklingo Quilters!

Loren created the project for the Inklingo 6-inch LeMoyne Star shape collection but she has given us much more.

The Magic of Circling Swallows in Electric Quilt

Think about this: In Electric Quilt, the size of a block is not established until you set the blocks in a quilt layout.

Think about what that means: You can use Loren’s project file to design quilts with ANY Inklingo LeMoyne Star shape collection!—even with the FREE Diamond Triangle Square shape collection.

Or design with the Inklingo LeMoyne Star 3-inch, 8-inch, and 9-inch shape collections!

Circling Swallows in 5 Inklingo Sizes

It’s like magic.

Do you do this?  Always look at the “notecard” in EQ. It is where you see the finished size to use in the quilt layout. Inklingo shapes and blocks are named with the finished size to make it easy. So friendly.

Inklingo in Electric Quilt - Free

More Free EQ Project Files to design Inklingo Quilts

Loren’s surprise gift—out of the blue—prompted me to update the EQ page on the website too. You can choose from dozens of free project files.

Quilters who have EQ8 can open all of them because Electric Quilt brilliantly made all of their upgrades “backward compatible”—all the way back to EQ4, including EQ5, EQ6, and EQ7.

If you have EQ7, you can open all the free projects except the ones that are only in EQ8. (Is it time for you to upgrade?)

Tips for Designing with Inklingo Shapes in EQ

I updated the EQ page on the website with links to some good Inklingo resources. Go forth and learn!

There are several articles on the blog about Circling Swallows too.

You can search Swallows.

Search the Inklingo website

Monkey and I frequently use the Search feature on the Inklingo website. You can too. It’s at the top of every page and it works beautifully.

The website keeps getting bigger and bigger and bigger. Sometimes I am surprised by pages I don’t remember.  Since 2006, it has grown to thousands of pages!

Circling Swallows Quilt Block with Inklingo

Do you have an EQ Project File to share?

Loren is a wonderful role model and I’m on a roll. If you can help, let’s keep the ball rolling.

Maybe you have an Inklingo-inspired EQ Project File that you would be willing to share. I can add it to the EQ page on the website.

Whether you share with everyone or not, I always love to see what Inklingo quilters design in EQ.

Thank you for visiting today and always.

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