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Print LeMoyne Star 6-inch on fabric to sew 8-pointed LeMoyne Stars by hand or by machine for better results than with traditional star templates or other methods.


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Print LeMoyne Star 6-inch on fabric to sew 8-pointed LeMoyne Stars for better results than with diamond, triangle, or square templates or traditional methods. Sew by hand or by machine. These shapes are used for many other designs like Circling Swallows.

System Requirements – Windows or Mac with Adobe Reader (not a phone or tablet) and any ordinary color Inkjet printer or all-in-one.

templates for LeMoyne Star 6 inch

The LeMoyne Star 6-inch shape collection includes 45° diamonds, Quarter Square Triangles (QST), and squares. These 8-pointed stars are usually called LeMoyne Stars but there are other names. The bonus shapes (HST, half diamond, square) increase your design options.

April 2014 

I added one layout for the half diamond at the request of a long-time Inklingo quilter. If you downloaded this shape collection before then, you can log into your Inklingo account on the website to get the expanded version for free.

To see all of the sizes of diamonds, triangles, and squares, please see the Index of Shapes.

You have a choice of sizes including the 4.5-inch star in the FREE Diamond Triangle Square shape collection.

LeMoyne Star 6 inch

Use the combo layouts to save fabric and save time.

Features of this Shape Collection (PDF)

  • shapes to print on fabric
  • diagrams showing how much fabric you need
  • shapes without seam allowances to print on freezer paper (just in case you want templates)

& More

  • use a rotary cutter or scissors
  • notes about design variations
  • many design options
  • a choice of regular or combo layouts to save fabric and save time
  • optional layouts for diamonds with different straight grain
  • precision corners and matching marks to make the sewing easier
  • ideal for fussy cutting
  • shapes fit on Jelly Rolls and small scraps
  • choice of methods—hand or machine

Perfect for Beginners

The shapes are a perfect introduction for beginners. Make 9-patches, Sawtooth Squares, Hour Glass, and other blocks with these shapes if you aren’t ready for an 8-pointed star.

Everything is easier with Inklingo—no measuring, no templates, no worries about straight grain, a line to cut on, a line to sew on—and there are detailed instructions for sewing and pressing on the All About Inklingo blog, so jump in! It’s fun!

The shapes are larger than the ones in the free Inklingo Shape Collection, but the ideas and worksheets in that downloadable shape collection are perfect for this too.

Love the lines. Quilt more!

Video and more images

Visit the Inklingo Projects Blog to see more fabulous quilts made with this collection by Inklingo quilters, and join the IInklingo IO Group, where members share photos. Of course, there are also images on Facebook and Instagram and Pinterest.

Mary’s Inklingo Quilts

Connie Boulay quilts Connie B/CA is using Inklingo to sew blocks designed by Jennifer Chiaverini. I especially like the way she is not afraid to mix a few non-Inklingo shapes with the Inklingo ones.

Connie Boulay quilts

I think I have a couple of these fabrics in my stash, but I never used them this well. Beautiful.

Connie wrote: “My sister, who never hand pieces, had no problem with this one because she could just sew on the line. We each did part of it (we were in a waiting room, and she forgot to bring something to work on), and it all fit together with no problem.”

Can you imagine two piecers working together and getting this level of precision? Impressive!

Love the lines. Quilt more!

Circling Swallows

Circling Swallows Quilt Block

Circling Swallows with the 6-inch LeMoyne Star shape collection

14. 5-inch block

1.76 inch diamond x 24
2.49 inch QST x 32
4.25 inch square x 4

Also required, 6-inch QST x 4.
Not available October 2023. Use freezer paper templates instead.

Quarter Square Triangle (QST)   Draw a 6-inch square on freezer paper and add 2 diagonal lines for 4 QST in the finished size.

Search here for even more info about Circling Swallows on the blog, including Hybrid Piecing.

5 reviews for LeMoyne Star 6 inch PDF

  1. Val (verified owner)

    Inklingo is brilliant for Star applications. The points come together perfectly and the shapes are easy to piece by machine or by hand or a combination of both. The star collections give you lots of other shapes to do Lily blocks, multiple star applications, partial star blocks and so on. Stars/8 pointed diamonds are one of my favorite shapes and Inklingo has gotten me excited about quilting again.

  2. Val (verified owner)

    The LeMoyne Star is one of the most versatile shapes and the possibilities are endless. Linda has covered every printing arrangement that you would want and all the shapes are there for many different patterns such as the Peony block, Broken star and so on. Inklingo makes them all possible in minutes and you are sewing right away. So easy to have the points match whether by machine or by hand. Quilting has become exciting to me again.

  3. Val . (verified owner)

    Stars are versatile and fun to piece..Inklingo makes it easy now to get perfect results every time whether by machine or by hand. I am excited about quilting again thanks to Linda’s brilliant ideas.

  4. Linda D (verified owner)

    Stars are one of my favorite things to make but until Inklingo they never quite came together in the center. Inklingo is so precise that my stars now come out great with perfect points. Inklingo is the best way to make. This collection is wonderful with lots of suggestions for quilts. I love Inklingo and I think you will too.

  5. Claudia (verified owner)

    I used this to make an 8-point star and it came out beautifully! No problem matching points and no knocked off points. An essential helping hand to the precision of quilting!

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