0.5 inch Diamonds 60° PDF

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Print on fabric and get better results than with 60° diamond and triangle acrylic templates or other traditional methods.

Sew by hand with a running stitch (recommended) or English Paper Piecing.

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This is called a 0.5-inch “diamond” shape collection but the half and quarter diamonds are triangles, so it is more versatile than it sounds and it includes bonus shapes for Seven Sisters.

You can make dozens of Pieced Hexagon designs with this ONE shape collection—and many, many more if you also have the 0.5-inch Hexagon shape collection. (Video tab)

System Requirements – Windows or Mac with Adobe Reader (not a phone or tablet) and any ordinary color Inkjet printer or all-in-one.

0.5 inch 60° Diamond + Triangles

This PDF includes diamonds with 0.5-inch sides plus the half diamonds (triangles) and related shapes.

Seven Sisters with Inklingo

This is a wonderful old design.

60 degree diamond designs

Features of the 0.5-inch Diamonds Shape Collection (PDF)

  • shapes to print on fabric
  • diagrams showing how much fabric you need
  • shapes without seam allowances to print on freezer paper (just in case you want templates)

& More Good things About Inklingo Diamonds

  • use a rotary cutter or scissors
  • partial diamonds (triangles) increase your design options dramatically
  • optional layouts with a choice of straight grain
  • alternate layouts for scissors cutting to save fabric
  • choice of regular or combo layouts to use fabric efficiently and save time
  • patterns for finger pincushions, toothpicks, needle case
  • great for striped fabric
  • good for fussy cutting
  • ideal for Jelly Rolls and scrap quilts
  • use with any pattern
  • get 6-pointed stars with perfect intersections by “circling the intersection” (Video tab)
  • worksheets to help you plan your quilt
  • be inspired by the Gallery of Quilts

Use scissors or cut several layers at a time with a rotary cutter—and have stitching lines on every piece!

Use a running stitch instead of English Paper Piecing (EPP). It’s more portable, more fun, more precise, and faster. On the other hand, there are 8 Good Ways to Use Inklingo for English Paper Piecing if that is the method you prefer.

2 inch Pieced Hexagons with Inklingo

2-inch Pieced Hexagons with 0.5-inch Diamonds

These shapes are not just for Seven Sisters. Make all 300 2-inch Pieced Hexagons with these downloadable shape collections:

Little Shapes

  • 0.5-inch Diamonds 60° – This shape collection.
  • 0.5-inch Hexagons 60°

Big Shapes

  • 1-inch Diamonds 60°
  • 1-inch Hexagons 60°

Love the lines. Quilt more!

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  1. Simone (verified owner)

    The only way to hand piece. Not fiddly. Easy to print, cut and sew. In fact the hard part comes picking the fabric and stopping. Fantastic for miniatures and bags!

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