60° Shapes

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Hexagons, Diamonds, Triangles, Kites and more!

Print 60° shapes on fabric instead of using acrylic templates and traditional methods for better results, faster.

The small shapes are more portable and more fun.

The larger shapes can be sewn by hand or by machine or a combination of both (hybrid).

Love the lines. Quilt more!

There are at least 7 reasons. . .

1. Unusual & Beautiful Designs

Follow any pattern or use the time you save to create exciting settings and color combinations. The design book (free with hexagon shapes) will inspire you.

The extra half and quarter shapes are great for pieced hexagons, like
Candied Hexagons or VariHex, or for finishing your quilt with a straight edge.

2. Simple to Decide How Much Fabric

There are diagrams in every shape collection which show how many shapes you can cut from a yard of fabric.

3. Easy to Cut

No measuring. No templates. Use a rotary cutter or scissors. No expensive
cutting machines required—and there are stitching lines and matching marks printed on every shape!

4. Sew with a Running Stitch or by Machine

Sew with a running stitch instead of whip-stitching over templates with English Paper Piecing! It is more portable, more fun, more precise, and faster! And the stitches don’t show on the front!

If you want to sew by machine, choose the larger sizes. The design book
includes instructions for continuous stitching by hand, precision machine
piecing, and how to combine hand and machine piecing (hybrid piecing) for the best of both worlds—speed and portability.

5. Fussy Cut

Yes, you can Fussy Cut (Fussy Print) with Inklingo. (2 minute video) This is
especially popular with quilters who are making Lucy Boston Patchwork of the Crosses (POTC).

6. Print scraps and Jelly Rolls

Monkey shows you how to print on Jelly Rolls on the All About Inklingo blog.

7. You can finish an EPP UFO with Inklingo!

“English Paper Piecing Rescue” is one of the most popular pages on the All
About Inklingo blog!

8. Sew Hexagons by Machine for Grandmother’s Flower Garden

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