Mary’s Inklingo Quilts

My dear friend Mary was the first quilter I told about Inklingo—before we even had a name for it. I promised Russ I would remember what she said because he was interested in her reaction.

Mary is very quiet and low-key, but I had barely started explaining with a couple of small samples, when Mary’s eyes widened and she blurted out, “This is Big.”

I will never forget it.

Mary’s Inklingo Quilts

The Quilt Show BOM Quilt by Mary Althaus with Inklingo

The Quilt Show BOM with Inklingo by Mary

Mary is too quiet and unassuming (and too busy quilting!) to do this herself, so I have collected some of her Inklingo quilts and works in progress here. She sewed some by hand and some by machine.

Some are completed quilts, and some are blocks laid out on the floor. Some are traditional, and some are not. All are wonderful!

Lone Star Quilt by Mary Althaus with Inklingo

Lone Star with Inklingo by Mary

Mary Taught Me How to Hand Piece in 1998

Mary taught me how to hand piece with freezer paper templates in January 1998, when we were both spending every winter in Naples Florida. We had already been friends for several years, although she lived in Wisconsin and I lived in Ontario.

Mary was the first person I ever heard use the strange word “Paducah,” and the first person I ever knew who had a “stash.”

Seven Sisters Quilt by Mary Althaus with Inklingo

Seven Sisters with Inklingo by Mary

Mary has had a huge influence on my quilting life from the beginning, and she was the one who convinced Russ that I should get a new computer, so I could get online. Early in 1996 (or 1995?) she cunningly showed Russ (the chef) some cooking sites on her laptop, but he said he already had more recipes than he could ever use.

Russ famously told me, Of course, you can get a new computer, but what are you doing to DO with it?

We still tease him about that. I did not jump right away, but in 1996 I signed my Christmas cards as linda@no_net.yet and Mary had convinced me. We got online in 1997.

Mary's Red Toile Quilt with Inklingo

Red Toile by Mary Althaus

Alabama Beauty quilt block by Mary Althaus with Inklingo

Alabama Beauty by Mary Althaus

Alabama Beauty quilt top by Mary Althaus with Inklingo

Alabama Beauty laid out on the floor.

Alabama Beauty quilt top by Mary Althaus with Inklingo

Alabama Beauty laid out on the floor.

Farmer's Delight Quilt by Mary Althaus with Inklingo

Farmer’s Delight (from Dresden Plate Fancy) in Kaffe Fassett fabrics.

Farmer's Fancy ready to quilt by Mary Althaus with Inklingo

Farmer’s Delight ready to quilt.

Snowball quilt by Mary Althaus with Inklingo


Lucy Boston Patchwork of the Crosses (POTC) by Mary Althaus with Inklingo

Lucy Boston Patchwork of the Crosses (POTC)

Lucy Boston Octagon quilt by Mary Althaus with Inklingo

Lucy Boston Octagon Quilt

Keyboard Patchwork by Mary Althaus with Inklingo

Lucy Boston Octagon quilt (detail)

Half Square Triangle Quilt by Mary Althaus with Inklingo

Half Square Triangles (HST) by machine.

Mary sometimes pieces by hand and sometimes by machine.

LeMoyne Star quilt by Mary Althaus with Inklingo

LeMoyne Star

LeMoyne Stars by Mary Althaus with Inklingo

LeMoyne Star

Green Toile Triangles by Mary Althaus with Inklingo

Green Toile

Grandmother's Flower Garden flowers by Mary Althaus with Inklingo

Grandmother’s Flower Garden (GFG) flowers

Farmer's Wife Sampler by Mary Althaus with Inklingo

Farmer’s Wife Sampler (FWS)

Farmer's Wife Sampler by Mary Althaus with Inklingo

Farmer’s Wife Sampler (FWS)

Flying Geese Quilt by Mary Althaus with Inklingo

Flying Geese (See the free Triangle Tips PDF.)

Drunkard's Path Quilt by Mary Althaus with Inklingo

Drunkard’s Path

Leaves you speechless, doesn’t it?

Mary is also the first quilter to tell me, “Inklingo is the next revolution in quilting, equal to the rotary cutter, paper piecing, acrylic templates, and Internet lists.” That favorite quote from Mary is on the back cover of The Inklingo Handbook.

After all these years, Mary continues to keep me inspired. I will make sure she sees any comments you leave here, but Mary is one of the very talented, quiet quilters in the Inklingo Yahoo group (now on IO), so you can leave comments and ask questions there too. Maybe we can find out what she will do next!

I don’t think anyone can catch up to Mary, but if you would like to try Inklingo now anyway, please start with the free shapes.

I am very grateful to Mary for her friendship, and for letting me share her photos here. Aren’t you glad you came for a visit? Quite an amazing amount of inspiration this time, don’t you think?

Linda & Monkey

45 thoughts on “Mary’s Inklingo Quilts”

  1. I am inspired by the BEAUTIFUL quilts. I especially love Lucy Boston — I’ve not seen it finished with a border so think I will add that to quilt I’m currently working on. Thank you so much for sharing!

  2. Oh wow!
    I wish you would have a big sale.
    There are so many sets that I would like to buy.
    Just bought my new canon printer so that I can print custom pages.
    My old HP didn’t & the rollers were dying anyway.
    had the Octagon set for a while but didn’t find the time to use it. The Celtic solstice is my Inklingo learning tool. so far by machine.
    After this blog I know I will be back to purchase more.
    Just need the time & money!
    Love that I can do Hybrid stitching for times when no machine with me.
    Aabama Beauty & Farmers wife are on my to do list.
    Mary has me inspired.

  3. Linda and Mary, It is wonderful to see friendship like this that can be shared with each other. Mary your quilts are beautiful. Now that I am retired I will be quilting more and using Inklingo for the first time.

  4. Mary, I am stunned and amazed at the beauty and quality of your quilts. I have only just discovered Inklingo. I don’t know where I have been but will be using it from now on. You are an inspiration. 🙂

  5. How wonderful for us that Mary took an interest in teaching you how to quilt!!!! What an explosion of wonderful quilts. Quilts we would never attempt if she hadn’t encouraged you and the chef in your life. Thankyou, Mary, for sharing your talent with all of us and showing us that Inklingo is absolutely the best.

  6. Mary, beautiful inspirational quilts. I shall dream about them. Bravo!

    I am working on a paper-pieced star quilt which may be my last paper pieced quilt. Having recently discovered Inklingo, it is so much easier and the outcomes, especially not having open seams, much more attractive. Thank you Linda too for opening up a whole new world.

  7. What a beautiful collection of quilts! Mary you are an inspiration! Love your color choices and placement! They are stunning! Linda, thank you for sending us the link to Mary’s quilts.

  8. Mary, your quilts are absolutely stunning. I know I will come back time and time again to view them.
    Pam M, Australia

  9. Mary,
    What a body of work you have and I’m sure Linda is not showing all of your quilts. I love your sense of colour.

  10. Well, I wanted to do a farmer’s delight. Now I just want Mary’s farmer’s delight. Mouth-wateringly gorgeous! And the HST quilt! A sight to behold. And do-able —with Inklingo. Thanks, Linda, Mary and Monkey!

  11. Holy Smokes…Mary, you are nothing short of amazing. I am flabbergasted!!! What beautiful quilts!!! I wanna be you when I grow up!!

  12. I attended an Inklingo demo that Linda was doing for the Naples Quilter Guild a few years ago, and sitting there, hand stitching was Mary. I don’t remember what she was working on, but I think it was at that moment that I realized that I just HAD to investigate Inklingo. She looked like she was in such a peaceful place and was enjoying what she was doing. Thank you Mary, and thank you Linda, for showing me the joy of hand piecing.

  13. Most amazing work! I have not yet tried Inklingo, but I know I am not very far away from doing do! What a great audition for your technique, Linda!

  14. I’m speechless – what an amazing body of work – I LOVE every single one of them- and I want to make them ALL! Mary do you ever sleep, eat, clean your house, do laundry or go out for groceries? I am bookmarking this blog entry to come back to again and again for inspiration. Thank you Linda for putting your friend in the spotlight – Mary – take a bow. Clap, clap, clap, clap…..

  15. My Gosh!! What a wonderful display of fantastic quilts – I am just about speechless…. Isnt that a wonderful collection of quilts. Utterly AMAZING. !!!

  16. Mary, Your quilts are so inspirational. I think my favorite is the Lone Star, but they are all wonderful. That Alabama Beauty is so lovely–your fabric choices perfect. Thanks for sharing!!

  17. Mary and Linda,
    thanks for sharing those fantastic quilts. So exciting and beautiful and depressing (as I have not done half that) at the same time. Go mary I wonder what you may be doing with the pickle dish collection??

  18. Amazing what one can do when one gets busy and does it. Lovely. I made my one-block-wonder because I saw a photo of Mary’s somewhere…Thanks for sharing.

  19. Dearest Anonymouse,
    How happy I am to see some of your wonderful work assembled in one place!! I jump from list to list watching your quilt progress on different quilts and have been wishing they were collected somewhere. Thank you, Linda, for highlighting Mqry and her gorgeous quilts..and for Inklingo to help us make our own quilts more quickly.
    Keep stitching, Mary. You are an inspiration for us all!
    Biggest hugs to you both,

  20. Though I am normally just a lurker I have to step out to comment on these quilts. They are just stunning. What a wonderful body of work. I am so impressed that I am not sure which I like the best. I guess I will have to just keep looking till I figure it out. Thank you for sharing.

  21. OMGoodness Mary!!! I’ve seen your beautiful work here and there over the past couple years but to see them altogether is AWESOME!!! Thank you Linda for giving them a place together for us all to see. Truly Mary is an amazing, gifted quilter. I LOVE ALL her works!!! Hugs Ellyx

  22. Oh Wow!! I am thrilled and depressed at the same time…;-) I want to make quilts like that! I love them all but the first one is my very favourite. I have been planning to design an Inklingo medallion quilt for some time, but am too intimidated by doing the math for fitting borders and centre piece. This is inspiring. I take a very deep bow for Mary…sigh….

    Anneke in Rotterdam.

  23. Ohmygosh! Everything is so beautiful, Mary. My favorites are the Farmer’s Delight and the Drunkards Path. You are the best Inklingo ad. No wonder you have no time for the Internet, LOL! Maybe we should all take a lesson from that…


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