Inklingo Triangle Tips

Inklingo quilters have moved away from pre-printed triangle papers, specialty rulers, old-fashioned measuring, and template techniques because Inklingo is precise, simple, and fast!

“I love making HST the easy way. I am hooked on your process and am so grateful that I found it. My friends who said it “looks like too much trouble” are starting to notice just how much I get done while they are trimming squares and tearing paper. They are coming around, you will hear from them! Keep creating. You are making us look good.” – Linda in Oregon

Some of our best triangle tips are included in this free 16-page PDF.

Inklingo uses any ordinary Inkjet printer

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Carol in Panama, trying to sew accurate triangles without Inklingo:
“We did a lot of picking and un-sewing and we kept saying this would NOT be happening with Inklingo. Inklingo points are always PERFECT! And the “whiskers” what’s up with that? Linda’s designs have those bits already cut off. We print, cut, sew and press – done! And perfect accuracy is a given.” 

Try your first Inklingo triangles today, with the FREE shape collection for diamonds, triangles, and squares.


There is updated info about Flying Geese in a new article on the blog. (March 2023)

Please see the Index of Shapes – Triangles under the Support & Goodies tab to see the sizes which are available. All shapes are named by the finished size to make it easier.