Inklingo Lingo in the Netherlands

Last week, we announced the German translations of Inklingo by Sabine.  Now there’s another new lingo for Inklingo!

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Inklingo in Holland and Belgium

My friend Anneke in Rotterdam has translated the Inklingo Download Instructions into Nederlands (Dutch) for the Inklingo website! It was a pleasure to work with her on this.

Translating is not easy, especially with computer terms, but Anneke took the time to make it as clear and accurate as can be.

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Many quilters in Holland and Belgium speak English and are using Inklingo already.

Thanks to their system of education, many Dutch quilters understand English well enough to find their way around the website and to understand the books, but it seems much friendlier and nicer to provide as much as possible in their native tongue (lingo), don’t you think?

I am also working on translations into French and Spanish now and will add other languages and more pages in each language when I can.

In Canada, there are large regions that are predominantly French, and we have two official languages, but we are a country of immigrants, so many other languages are spoken here.

My father’s father came to Canada in 1929 from Austria and worked for a year to earn passage for my grandmother, my father, and my aunt.

My grandmother, father, and aunt.

They only spoke German when they arrived. My father was 7, but he spoke no English, so he was put in a kindergarten class. At the end of his life, when his mind could not grasp daily events, he still remembered times long ago, and the name and face of the kind teacher who helped him learn English, and who made it bearable for a big, bright, shy boy to be stuck in a class with 4 and 5-year-olds. Maybe that is why I have so much admiration for people all over the world who learn English as a second language.

It is very nice to think that “Inklingo lingo” can be the language of quilters everywhere.  Thank you, Anneke, for making it easier for quilters who speak Inklingo in Holland and Belgium.

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I was going to try to post this earlier (before Anneke went to bed), but Russ wanted fish and chips. His favorite restaurant just happens to be owned and operated by Dutch Canadians, since 1969. We’re having a Dutch day.

Thank you for visiting me on the Internet from your country.

Linda & Monkey

3 thoughts on “Inklingo Lingo in the Netherlands”

  1. Geen dank, Linda & Monkey!
    Ik doe graag iets terug voor Inklingo.
    Het maakt quilten zoveel gemakkelijker en nog leuker! Daarom draag ik graag bij aan het bereikbaar maken van Inklingo voor zoveel mogelijk mensen.
    Dikke knuffel,
    Anneke in Rotterdam
    You’re welcome, Linda & Monkey!
    I am glad to be able to do something in return for Inklingo. It makes quilting so much easier and even more fun! That is why it is my pleasure to contribute to making Inklingo available for as many people as possible.
    Big hugs,
    Anneke in Rotterdam


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