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Thanks to Sabine Rohloff, an Inklingo friend in Germany, some of the pages on the Inklingo website have been translated into German. This is very exciting to me. Thank you, Sabine!

Inklingo quilters have helped spread the word in many languages from the very beginning. Inklingo shape collections have been downloaded in at least 47 different countries—so far. Our common language is quilting.

Map of Europe

Many Inklingoists read some English, even if they normally speak German, French, Spanish, Danish, Swedish, Norwegian, Finnish, Portuguese, Polish, Italian, Czech, Farsi, Chinese, Korean, or another language.

I use almost every day to reply to questions from quilters in other countries.

Map of South America

One of my favorite encounters was with a quilter in Ecuador who wrote with a question about Quilted Diamonds. The message had a charming “accent” and had taken her some effort to write in English. I checked on Wikipedia to see whether she would normally speak Portuguese (like Brazil) or Spanish.

I translated my English sentences into Spanish with, knowing that some of it was probably wrong—and maybe even hilarious.

Map of South America

Within a few minutes, I received a reply from Ecuador written entirely in Spanish!  When I translated the first sentence, it expressed her delight that I spoke Spanish too.  LOL  Ni un poco.

It took a while to translate that message, line by line, but we understood each other, despite some awkward free translations like “if someday you want to come to visit Ecuador, you warn to me. . . ”

Map of Africa

Thanks to the Internet, a quilter in Zimbabwe, Malaysia, Poland, Panama, Argentina, or Hong Kong can download and start printing on fabric with Inklingo at the same time as someone down the street in Burlington. Wow.

So, quilters in Germany now have the Download Instructions in a format that is more welcoming to them.

Map of Australia

Quilters in Australia and New Zealand don’t need translations on the website, but they think I speak with an accent, eh?

Aren’t Inklingo quilters the BEST?

Many thanks to Sabine, and thanks to you for visiting—wherever you are!

Linda & Monkey
in Burlington, Ontario, Canada, North America, Earth, Milky Way
(near Toronto)

Map showing Burlington Ontario

Map of North America showing Burlington Ontario Canada

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  1. Linda, I’m taking my Inklingo projects to St John USVI on vacation next week! It is truly getting around! Thanks.


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