Continuous Stitching

Continuous Stitching

I started teaching “continuous stitching” 25 years ago and featured it in my first book in 2002—Quilted Diamonds, Austen-tatious Diamonds to Hand Piece. The book has become a classic. (It is beautiful and you can still snag a copy!)

Sew Pieced Hexagons with a Running Stitch

Continuous stitching is still a joy for me after all these years. If you are sewing Pieced Hexagons by hand with the new shape collection this summer, you need to know about this!

Inklingo Pieced Hexagons

Continuous Stitching Pieced Hexagons

Pieced Hexagons are the most fun when you use continuous stitching in your portable summer sewing project.

“At the end of every seam, before you cut the thread, look to see if you can continue sewing just by turning a corner.”

Continuous Stitching by Hand

That’s it. Simple, eh?

I add the triangles to the hexagon with the first thread, sewing continuously (red arrows). Then I add the 6 diamonds with another thread (or two).

Plan Your Continuous Stitching Route

If you like puzzles, you can plan your route to get as much continuous stitching as possible.

Plan for Continuous Stitching

The first design in Quilted Diamonds 2 illustrates this perfectly. You can sew all of the seams continuously with one thread—one very long thread! (I’ve done it. Should you put it on your Bucket List?)

Miss Elizabeth's Star in Quilted Diamonds 2

This diamond is called Miss Elizabeth’s Star, named after Jane Austen’s heroine in Pride & Prejudice.

My Quilted Diamonds books only teach hand piecing because the diamonds are small, but using freezer paper templates also works perfectly for machine piecing. (Why I don’t sell acrylic templates.)

Inset Seams are The Best!

Continuous stitching is a very simple idea but it adds to the pleasure of “slow sewing” and it will make you love inset seams.

In fact, when you are stitching continuously by hand, inset seams are an advantage! (Pre-Inklingo machine piecers often avoid insets.)

Hand Piece Pieced Hexagons

Chain piecing by hand?

Continuous stitching can also be called “chain piecing by hand.”

Print hexagon shapes on fabric

You can still get the intro sale price on the new shape collection for Hexagons & More. It includes all the shapes you need to make over 100 Pieced Hexagon Designs. Tempting, eh?

Inklingo Pieced Hexagon shape collection

Don’t miss out on the low intro price, okay?

Monkey says you might like to use the savings to get 300 Pieced Hexagons too. Or, put it on your Bucket List.

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  1. Continuous stitching makes piecing so much fun! Ever since I learned about it from doing Quilted Diamonds, I look for continuous stitching possibilities every time I begin to sew a new block. Continuous stitching, grading seams and your brilliant pressing method – all learned from you – really do make a huge impact on how much fun it is to sew and how well blocks turn out!!


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