Quilted Diamonds 2


My second book includes 101 new diamond designs to hand piece and a two-hour hand piecing lesson on DVD 

QD2 includes detailed, illustrated instructions for hand piecing. Like the first QD book, all of the diamonds are named with quotations from Jane Austen’s novels.

144 pages, softcover, stitched binding, optional CD (to use with Electric Quilt)

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Quilted Diamonds 2 – more Austen-tatious diamonds to hand piece includes a DVD with a 2-hour hand piecing lesson for the price of the book alone. That is why I usually recommend it first.

Alternative Title: “You can sew anything that you can draw, trace, or print on freezer paper.”

filming the Quilted Diamonds 2 DVD

The QD method uses freezer paper templates and a running stitch. It is faster, simpler, more precise, and more portable than English Paper Piecing. It is my favorite technique although I also enjoy machine piecing and appliqué with Inklingo.

And then. . . QD1 and QD2 inspired me to invent Inklingo.

hand piecing with freezer paper templates

Freezer Paper Templates

The pre-Inklingo hand piecing technique taught in the books is wonderful and it is still the technique I prefer to use when I print the shapes on fabric with Inklingo.

I teach the freezer paper template method for hand piecing in Quilted Diamonds 1 and Quilted Diamonds 2—but only for hand piecing and appliqué—because the shapes are so small. However, the same freezer paper method applies to machine piecing, so I still recommend freezer paper templates when shapes are not available from Inklingo (yet).

QD2 optional CD

Trace from the book or Print from Electric Quilt with the Optional CD

If you have Electric Quilt software (EQ4 or newer), you may want to add the optional CDs of patterns, at $10.00 each, so you can print the QD patterns on freezer paper, instead of tracing on freezer paper from the book.

At the time the books were published, EQ4 was the latest thing from Electric Quilt.  Now we use EQ8! In 2002, I was the first author or publisher to offer an optional CD, so quilters could print instead of trace. It was revolutionary.

The QD CDs are $10 extra. The CDs do NOT allow you to print on fabric in the way we do for Inklingo. It would be a mess of black ink everywhere because EQ does not print the outlines in anything but black ink—the worst!

Quilted Diamonds 2 back cover

From the back cover of Quilted Diamonds 2

I am proud of the cover design on all of my books. (IMHO, I am good at covers.) The back cover tells you that the book includes:

  • 101 new diamonds named with quotations from Jane Austen’s novels
  • detailed, illustrated directions for hand piecing with freezer paper templates
  • each diamond is shown in three fabric combinations AND from the back
  • step-by-step instructions and ideas for a variety of settings
  • 700+ photos in addition to the lesson on DVD (10 minutes)
  • optional CD of patterns, for use with Electric Quilt software (EQ4 or newer)

Wow. That is a lot but the cool thing about it is that the images on the back cover show the diamonds on the front cover from the back.  Cool, eh?

By the way, I used the same idea on the CD and DVD labels. The CD shows detail of the diamonds from the front (at the design stage) and the DVD shows the diamonds from the back (for the process of hand piecing).

Austen-tatious Diamonds Facebook Group

Facebook Group for Quilted Diamonds

Discover the advantages of hand piecing with freezer paper templates.

My Quilted Diamonds books were inspired by the Jane Stickle Quilt (1863), which is the subject of the book Dear Jane™ by Brenda Papadakis, and by the Jane Austen Quilt (1812).

If you have Electric Quilt software (EQ4 or newer), you may want to add the optional CDs of patterns, at $10.00 each, so you can print the QD patterns on freezer paper, instead of tracing.

The diamonds are inspired by the Jane Austen coverlet but are a different size. For a pattern for a replica of Jane Austen’s quilt, please see my Jane Austen Patchwork Mystery book and the Main Jane Austen Page.

See Jane Austen’s Writing Table Quilts DVD too.

There are 101 new diamond designs in Quilted Diamonds 2. This is just a selection. You can also modify the designs with the instructions in the book.

When you click + to enlarge the photos, you can swipe right or swipe left on the diamonds or you can use the navigation bar below.

Pro Reviews of Quilted Diamonds 2

Review by Popular Patchwork UK

“Quilted Diamonds 2 rates 10 out of 10” according to Davina Thomas, Editor of Popular Patchwork in Britain! Read “The Lowdown” in the July 2005 issue.

Review by Maria Michaels Designs

“Excellence and Quality! A Simply Beautiful Book.”  Maria Hrabovsky of Maria Michael’s Designs in Canada reviewed Quilted Diamonds 2. Read the review.

Review by Australian Patchwork & Quilting

“This is a must-have for the hand piecing enthusiasts and lovers of Jane Austen inspired quilts….this stunning follow-up to her first book…” Quilted Diamonds 2 was the Editor’s Choice in Australian Patchwork & Quilting. Read the whole review, in Vol 12, No 10, page 77.

Review by Sharon Darling

“Linda has written in Quilted Diamonds the best description of hand piecing I have ever read.” Sharon Darling of Quilter’s Review in October 2002. Read the whole review.

Review by New Zealand Quilter

“The clarity of the instructions is outstanding.” Anne Scott reviewed Quilted Diamonds in New Zealand Quilter, issue number 42.

Review by Country Register

“Whether you have hand pieced for years or this is your first hand piecing project (like it is for me), Linda’s tips and explanations make hand piecing easy.”  Susan Crowder Cyr in The Country Register of Virginia, Jan-Feb 2003 and The Country Register of Washington, Vol. 11, No. 2

Review by IPA

“You will find this book hard to put down, so spend some time and truly enjoy it.”  International Quilt Association, IQA magazine, March 2003, review of Quilted Diamonds.

Review by Sylvia Landman

“Now and again, a book comes along that is so innovative and unique in its field, that describing it becomes a challenge. And so it is with Quilted Diamonds: Jane Austen, Jane Stickle & Friends.”  Sylvia Landman of Sylvia’s Studio

Review by Maria Michaels Designs

“Exquisite is the word that jumps to mind when looking through and reading this beautifully done book!  It is exquisitely done!”  Maria Hrabovsky of Maria Michael’s Designs

Inklingo Shape Collection for Quilted Diamonds 2

Inklingo shape collection for Quilted Diamonds (March 2015)

In celebration of the re-printing of Quilted Diamonds 2, there is an Inklingo shape collection for QD too! Quilters requested an Inklingo shape collection for the sashing, plain diamonds, and cornerstones for Love & Friendship and it is available now! To celebrate, there is a new printing of Quilted Diamonds 2 with DVD.

The new Inklingo for QD shape collection (INKQD) is a small, inexpensive shape collection with a few setting pieces, so if you piece some diamonds from QD1 or QD2, Inklingo will make it easier to assemble a quilt top.

You can turn your hand pieced diamonds into squares by machine too!

I think this new shape collection is a nice way to ease into Inklingo if you haven’t tried it yet. (Where have you been since 2006?)


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