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Inklingo for Quilted Diamonds is for quilters who want to print sashing and plain diamonds on fabric for the Love & Friendship setting of Quilted Diamonds.

Quilted Diamonds inspired me to invent Inklingo but all of the shapes in the hundreds of diamonds in my QD books are not Inklingoable. This shape collection will help you assemble your diamonds into a quilt top.

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The new Inklingo for Quilted Diamonds shape collection is a small, inexpensive shape collection with a few setting pieces, so if you piece some diamonds from QD1 or QD2, it will be easier to assemble a quilt top.

System Requirements – Windows or Mac with Adobe Reader (not a phone or tablet) and any ordinary color Inkjet printer or all-in-one.

You can have all of the usual advantages of Inklingo—faster preparation, no measuring, no templates, perfect straight grain, precision corners, efficient use of fabric, and exciting designs.

Inklingo for Quilted Diamonds

This shape collection PDF includes the shapes for setting 4 x 7 inch 60° diamonds from my two Quilted Diamonds books.

A few setting shapes for QD diamonds are inklingo-able, but both QD1 and QD2 were published years before Inklingo was invented.

Settings for QD diamonds

You can turn your hand pieced diamonds into squares by machine too!

Features of the Inklingo for Quilted Diamonds Shape Collection (PDF)

  • shapes to print on fabric
  • diagrams showing how much fabric you need
  • shapes without seam allowances to print on paper or freezer paper (just in case you want templates)

& More Good Things about Inklingo Setting Shapes

  • use a rotary cutter or scissors
  • combo layouts to save fabric and save time
  • optional layouts for a choice of straight grain
  • precision corners and matching marks to make the sewing easier
  • ideal for fussy cutting
  • some shapes fit on Jelly Rolls and small scraps
  • sew by hand or by machine

This Inklingo shape collection does not include instructions. Detailed instructions are included in Quilted Diamonds and Quilted Diamonds 2.

Sashing for QD2 05

Will there be a shape collection for the diamonds?

The diamonds in QD1 and QD2 are NOT inklingo-able and probably never will be.

There are hundreds of diamonds in the two books with hundreds of odd shapes. Sometimes we use a particular shape only one time in one diamond. This works perfectly with the freezer paper template method taught in the books—complete design freedom!

However, most Inklingo shape collections have fewer than a dozen shapes. A QD shape collection would require HUNDREDS of different shapes. It could not be a $15 or $20 Inklingo shape collection!

There are too many different shapes and variations in the hundreds of diamonds in the two Quilted Diamonds books to make a comprehensive shape collection feasible, but it is very helpful for the shapes that repeat over and over like the sashing, cornerstones, and plain diamonds in the setting for Love & Friendship.

Setting for Quilted Diamonds

Inklingo for Quilted Diamonds

This new shape collection is a nice way to ease into Inklingo if you haven’t tried it yet. (Where have you been since 2006?)

There are an awful lot of plain sashing pieces and cornerstones in the Love & Friendship quilt setting in Quilted Diamonds 1. When I made my quilt (pre-Inklingo) I drew the sewing lines manually around freezer paper templates. With this shape collection, you can print all of those shapes in a jiffy.

You might prefer using this shape collection to transform your considerable hoard of diamonds (Northanger Abbey), so you have the best of both worlds. Quilters tend to be more comfortable working with squares and it opens up unlimited opportunities for settings lined up in straight rows or on point, with or without sashing.

“It was a plan to promote the happiness of all.” Emma, Ch 53

Love the lines. Quilt more!

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  1. Cathi (verified owner)

    I wish I could give this 100 stars! I made many diamonds from Quilted Diamonds 1 and 2. Some are in a quilt top. Others are not – but now they will be, thanks to having the ability to finish them off so easily with these setting pieces.
    This shape collection makes Quilted Diamonds even more fun – and they are tons of fun to begin with!

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