Summer Sewing Pieced Hexagons

Summer Sewing Pieced Hexagons

Sew Pieced Hexagons with Inklingo

Printed Shapes for Pieced Hexagons

It’s June 1 and I’m ready with lots of hexagons, diamonds, and triangles—printed and ready to play.

Scroll down to see what I do with them—and to jump on a tempting offer!

Pieced Hexagons with shapes printed with Inklingo

Playing with shapes. This looks okay.

Hmmm. . .

Freezer paper window template for fussy cutting

Freezer Paper Window Templates

Maybe I should give it some oomph with some fussy cutting.

Freezer paper templates give me better results than acrylic and show me the finished size.

Pieced Hexagon with Fussy Cutting

I like this better—plus fussy cutting with freezer paper templates only takes a minute.

Sew Pieced Hexagon by Machine

Hybrid Piecing For a Fast Start

I want to start sewing by machine because I love Louise (Featherweight). (Monkey says I’m just impatient but I do love Louise.)

Sew Pieced Hexagon by Machine

Hand Piecing Makes it Portable

I’ll do the rest by hand on the porch. It’s too beautiful to stay inside.

Sew Pieced Hexagons by Hand

I love a line to sew along! (It all started with Quilted Diamonds. One thing led to another, says Monkey.)

Pieced Hexagons with Inklingo

That went fast.

Of course, I used continuous stitching and circling the intersection. (Searchable, eh?)

Pieced Hexagons with Inklingo

A quick press. Voilà!

Are you sewing Pieced Hexagons with me? I would love to see yours. “It was a plan to promote the happiness of all.” (Emma, Ch 53)

A Tempting Offer? Oh, yes!

I have extended the intro sale price on the new Hexagons & More shape collection for a few more days.

Thank you for visiting. Summertime is time for fun together.


2 thoughts on “Summer Sewing Pieced Hexagons”

  1. I’ve been making a couple of stars surrounded by triangles and rectangles. There’s something about these diamonds that is SO enticing!! This collection is way too much fun!! It really reminds me of the first collection on CD.


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