Setting for Pieced Hexagons

Setting for Pieced Hexagons

I’m setting my Pieced Hexagons with rectangles printed on one of my favorite fabrics.

Will you sew Pieced Hexagons along with me?

Setting for Pieced Hexagons

Sew Pieced Hexagons with Inklingo!

You can sew with a combination of hand and machine piecing, like me, or you can sew all by hand or all by machine.

I will use the new Hexagons & More 1.375-inch shape collection but Inklingo makes it possible in several sizes with shapes you might already have!

With the new shape collection, you can sew at least 100 designs.

Inklingo Pieced Hexagons

The low intro sale price ends in a few days. It will never be lower than this!

Let's sew Pieced Hexagons!

Setting for Pieced Hexagons

My “setting” for pieced hexagons is at the family room table. I can hardly wait to see your Pieced Hexagons!

Thank you for visiting. Let’s sew now.


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