What is Inklingo?

Inklingo (US Patent 7,814,832) is the quilting tool we’ve always wanted.

Inklingo shape collections are PDFs that open with Adobe Reader, so you can print shapes on fabric. It’s that simple.

Inklingo is an alternative to English Paper Piecing, Acrylic Templates, Paper or Foundation Piecing, and Die Cutters.

It is amazing for machine piecing, hand piecing, and appliqué.


Introduction to Inklingo
This short video (above) explains how Inklingo works.

Inklingo for Beginners

Print templates on fabric with any ordinary Inkjet printer!
Eliminate measuring, templates, and special tools.
Inklingo is precise, simple, and fast–and it uses the Inkjet printer you already have.

Printer lines on fabric

Need to see it to believe it? Download a FREE shape collection today and see how simple it is. You will also receive the first chapter of THE INKLINGO HANDBOOK, with all the information you need to get started.

You are on the blog now. See the Index of Inklingo Shapes under Support on the Inklingo website. (Other cool stuff there too.)

The Inklingo Handbook

9 thoughts on “What is Inklingo?”

  1. Thanks for responding Linda. It does sound like a good idea. From a marketing perspective, however, you might consider being more direct about what it actually is. From your perspective, it may sound so simple that you don’t feel you need to say exactly what it is. But if it was confusing to me in the first few minutes I was reading about it, it will be to others. It’s all about getting to the point in the first few seconds, otherwise you lose people. Many people won’t watch a long video just to get to what its all about! I’m just trying to be helpful. Best wishes!

  2. You never actually say what exactly Inklingo is. You say that it is a tool, but not what kind of tool. You say what it can do. But what is it? Am I correct in assuming it is a computer program?

    • Hi Cynthia,
      I am sorry for the confusion. Inklingo is NOT a computer program.
      Inklingo shapes are PDFs which open with Adobe Reader, so you can print shapes on fabric. It’s that simple.

      I think if you watch the video, it will be clearer to you but if you have any questions, please email me at linda@lindafranz.com.

    • HI Jana, Unfortunately, Inklingo will NOT work with a laser printer. It uses toner, not ink, and it uses heat. If you put fabric and freezer paper into a laser printer it will probably ruin the printer because the plastic coating on the freezer paper will melt and create a mess that cannot be repaired.
      There is information about printers in the FAQ under the Support & Goodies tab on the website.
      Luckily, you can probably pick up a Canon Inkjet on sale for less than $50 and you can have more than one printer connected to your computer at the same time. Inklingo uses a tiny amount of ink, so if Inklingo is your primary use for the Inkjet, the ink will last a long time. I hope you can get an Inkjet and get started. 🙂

      If you have any other questions, please ask. I am happy to help and I always answer as quickly as possible.

  3. Hi Wanda, I am sorry for the confusion. The new Rose Star and the Hexagon Quilt Design Book have been in your account from the moment you placed the order today. You just have to log into your account at http://www.inklingo.com
    I just confirmed that they are in the list, ready for you to download. (They are not delivered by email.)
    If you have any other questions, please ask.
    Linda & Monkey

  4. I order the new Rose Star, with Hexagon book, I havent received any downloads. I checked the bank and it has cleared (we have been having internet trouble and I wanted to make sure it went through even though I got a receipt from you). I checked the trash in case it was there, just wanted to make sure I wasnt missing anything. Thanks


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