New York Beauty 02 in Electric Quilt

Designing with New York Beauty in Electric Quilt

The special introductory price on the newest New York Beauty 02 is expiring tonight at midnight.

Before the sale ends, we are sharing a new Electric Quilt project file for NYB 02 with a few quilt designs.

Unfortunately, I did something really dumb when I saved the file, so there are fewer quilts in it than I intended.

(Note to self: Choose a new file name if you aren’t sure what you are saving, so you don’t over-write something you really want to keep. Haste makes waste, etc.)

You will have to draw some NYB quilts yourself, okay? Oh, dear! Isn’t that what we love to do? LOL


The blocks are “traditional” NYB with different colors in the two arcs of triangles. You could mix some New York Beauty 01 blocks and some Sunflower 6 inch blocks in this setting too.


This is similar to some of the designs in the Gallery of Quilts in the Sunflower Quilt Design Book, which is free when you buy Inklingo Sunflower or NYB shape collections. There are dozens of examples in the design book.


One of the intriguing, fun things about New York Beauty 02 is the zigzag effect you get when triangles in both arcs are the same color.


If you use an on-point setting like this, you can take the mystery out of the triangles by using the On-Point 6 inch shape collection from Inklingo, so there is straight grain on the outside edges of the quilt.


Just in case you missed them, we previously shared EQ project files for Sunflower and NYB 01.


Monkey and I have already shared


Don’t forget to download your Mother’s Day gift of the Double Wedding Ring Design Book—$20 value, and free until Friday May 18 at midnight! (Wow. What were we thinking?)

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Linda & Monkey

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