Sunflower in Electric Quilt


To find more free EQ project files to download, use the search box (above the header). A School House file can be downloaded from the blog now too.

 Inklingo prints the cutting and stitching lines on the fabric, so it is easier to cut and sew Sunflower Designs than with any other method. You don’t have to know how weird the measurements are. No measuring, no templates, and this is not a design which can be paper pieced.


This is so fast and easy with Inklingo. . .

. . . Monkey wants to know—

What will you do with all that extra time?  <grin>


I think you might want to spend some of that time playing with color in EQ to get exactly the look you want.

There are dozens of quilt layouts in the Inklingo Sunflower Quilt Design Book, but Anneke at Stof Genoeg has shown us all that there are many more possibilities. You just have to visit her blog and see what I mean!


I have drawn Inklingo Sunflowers (quarter, half, whole) in EQ7, and the file is available to members of the Inklingo Yahoo Group.

Electric Quilt is a wonderful tool for designing new color combinations.


I am not an expert with EQ7, but these were fun to draw. I ended up with tiny variations from the Inklingo ones (which are measured to three decimal places), so they are just for coloring and playing with layouts.

They are absolutely perfect for you to play with color combinations.


That’s right. Monkey and I did not color the blocks. We left that pleasure for you. You can scan your own fabrics or choose from hundreds of actual fabrics already in the EQ7 library.


This is one of the quilt designs in the Inklingo Sunflower Quilt Design Book.


With a few clicks in EQ7, you can see how different it would look with different fabrics and colors.

Amazing! This is fun!


I decided to share my EQ7 Project File with members of the Inklingo Yahoo Group.  Go to the home page and click on Files (left side bar).

If you have questions about how to open and use it, you can ask in the Inklingo Yahoo Group, or on the Info-EQ list from Planet Patchwork. (Every quilter who uses EQ should belong to the Info-EQ group!) That helps spread the word about Inklingo too.

There are a few expert EQ-ers in the Yahoo group, and anyone can upload a new EQ Project File. Use my file as a starting point, and then upload your file (EQ7 or older versions), so we can all see how you combine the quarters, halves and whole blocks, and how you color your Sunflowers.

Not a member yet? Join and see what Inklingo quilters are making. You can see hundreds of photos and search the archives. It is a friendly group, and I hope you will join.

The Inklingo Sunflower Quilt Design Book is free—but only for a limited time. Don’t miss out on 108 pages, including design tips, sewing tips, and worksheets.

There are several more messages, about Sunflower on the blog. Scroll down for more, or use the search feature for more Sunflower messages.

Do you like having EQ files to go with the shape collections? Inklingo friends are happy to help, and so will I!

Linda & Monkey


New to Inklingo? Order and download free shapes and start sewing in the next few minutes. Quick Start  (Always FREE.) There are triangles, diamonds, and squares  in the free collection—great for dozens of different blocks.

5 thoughts on “Sunflower in Electric Quilt”

  1. I will just have to admire what you and others do using EQ…not one of my tools but my friend has it and sometimes she helps me with block designs, quilt designs and color ideas. I just don’t think I would get my money’s worth out of EQ but I admire what others can do with it!

  2. Thanks, Linda & Monkey,
    This is a great idea and terrific service!
    I just uploaded a file with my Double Sunflower block to the Inklingo Yahoo Group Files (in the Electric Quilt Files Folder) as well. I must warn everybody, though, my block does not have accurate measurements, but it works for auditioning colors.

    Hugs, Anneke in Rotterdam

  3. How wonderful of you, Linda! Thank you so much. I just ordered EQ7 [had EQ5 preciously] and am trying to finally learn the software! This will be fun… thank you again.
    Cyn; -)
    who’s off to weigh-in at WW, and then do an Inklingo Demo at her Friendship Group Meeting this afternoon… wish me luck! 😉


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