How to sew New York Beauty by Machine

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As usual, when you have a line to cut on and a line to sew on, everything is easier, especially for New York Beauty 02.

Paper piecing became popular despite many disadvantages and extra steps because we all love having a line to sew along.

Inklingo gives us all of the advantages and none of the disadvantages.

With Inklingo, you don’t have to mess with templates, and there is no paper to pick off. There are also a few other unique features when you print the shapes on fabric.


Print the triangles on fabric with Inklingo.


Cut them apart with a rotary cutter or scissors. There are tips for rotary cutting several layers at a time in our little movie.


When I sew NYB02 by machine, I chain piece edge-to-edge.

I wear reading glasses like Monkey (even though I don’t use them for reading), and use an open toe foot so I can see the sewing line.

My machine allows me to adjust the needle position, so I was able to line up the edge of the foot with the edge of the fabric to give me confidence that I will be stitching immediately beside the line (scant 0.25 inch seam).

I don’t usually pin because the machine has a walking foot, but you could pin at the match, if you like.

  • Chain piecing
  • Reading glasses
  • Open toe foot, and adjust the needle position, if possible
  • Walking foot
  • Pin at the match?


I moved the needle to the right, so the foot follows the edge of the fabric. I can zoom along.


When you chain piece edge-to-edge, the triangles go together very quickly.

Two more great features!

Because we print the shapes on fabric with Inklingo, there are two other very cool features.

  1. Special double matching matching marks on the triangles!
  2. Pressing Guide to check the size before you sew the curves!


There’s no confusion about which triangle is which, thanks to Inklingo‘s double matches on the triangles in the smaller arc.


The pressing guide will give you confidence. If the arcs are the right size, you can be sure the curves will be easy to sew.

There are complete instructions for sewing curves in the Sunflower Quilt Design Book, which is free when you buy New York Beauty.


I don’t recommend or teach paper piecing, but there are pages to print on paper for quilters who prefer it. (New York Beauty 01 does not have this, because the angles are not paper-pieceable.)

Next: Calorie-free Chocolate?

One Inklingoist told me she calls this “paperless paper piecing.” Neat, eh? Maybe calorie-free chocolate is next.

She loves having the line to sew on without having to sew through paper, not only because she doesn’t like to pick off paper, but because it is more fun to look at her pretty fabric while she sews.


Many quilters love a portable project, so they can sew on the go. The arcs of the new New York Beauty 02 are perfect for “continuous stitching” by hand, which has been described on the blog before, and in the free Inklingo Shape Collection for Diamonds/Triangles/Squares. Hand piecing is relaxing and fast when you turn a corner at the end of every seam and keep on sewing without cutting the thread.

Coming next:

  • more gorgeous quilt layouts for NYB
    (In the meantime, there are some on the blog already.)
  • project file for NYB02 to use with Electric Quilt
  • a new mini-movie
  • the end of the introductory sale price
    (Don’t miss out!)

We’ll be back soon, and we hope you will be too. You can subscribe to the blog, so you receive an email when we add something new (right sidebar). Thank you for visiting.

Linda & Monkey

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6 thoughts on “How to sew New York Beauty by Machine”

  1. Dear Linda & Monkey,
    I love handpiecing with inklingo. I just need a good supply of FP 🙂
    I can’t wait for your new mini movies.

  2. Hi Frummie, Yes. That’s normal for machine piecing. That’s why it is important to “press as you go” when you machine piece. You can see it in the last photo (above). Hand piecers can wait until the end. Hugs, Linda & Monkey

  3. LOL—calorie-free chocolate!! I can’t help but think Monkey is looking at the pieced arc on the pressing guide and wishing it was a banana!

    Also, I tried the quiz and got only 1 wrong answer–I wasn’t sure about Macs.


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