50 Double Wedding Ring Quilt Designs

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2 minute movie

You can view our little movie BIG, if you click the button for full screen (bottom right).

By the way, it says 50, but we lost count. There are way more than 50 designs!!



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Please tell your friends about the draw. Deadline is Saturday 12 May 2012, midnight Eastern Time. The winners will be announced on Sunday.

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Of course, we think everyone wins. Now that you know about Inklingo, you can make any quilt your heart desires.


We haven’t forgotten about the brand new New York Beauty shape collection either.

There is more coming:

  • more gorgeous quilt layouts for NYB
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Good luck in the draw!

Linda & Monkey

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20 thoughts on “50 Double Wedding Ring Quilt Designs”

  1. Wow, I have finally found the quilt I want to make for my daughter’s graduation, in the colors of her college!! Thanks so much!

  2. Wow,wow,wow…amazing video…you got me totally hooked…
    …I can’t wait any longer…
    Going to order mine right now!!

  3. Just when I think it can’t get better, it *does*! Fabulous video, Linda and Monkey! I just have to decide on colours and fabric and then [oh, the stress! 😉 ] choose a layout. I may be some time… 🙂

  4. I have made a DWR using acrylic templates, and I swore I would never make another one ever again! I have changed my mind thanks to Inklingo, and I’m so excited to start another one that I have already purchased the DWR! I know I will keep coming back for other designs too. Thanks Linda- you’re a genius!!!

  5. I’ve always wanted to try a DWR but was too intmidated by all the precision cutting and sewing required. Now you’ve taken care of all the hard parts. Now I just have to decide on fabric!

  6. wow. the best part is watching the printed fabric slide out of the printer-definitely a “WOW” moment

  7. Oh my! Who knew there were so many options with the DWR?
    I need ten more lives to do all that I wish but I guess dreaming is half the fun!
    Thanks Linda and Monkey for even more eye candy

  8. Linda and Monkey, once again you did an amazing job! The layouts are absolutely beautiful! A classic totally updated and so much easier and enjoyable to sew. Thank you for all your hard work!

  9. This is a design I’ve always wanted to do But we intimidated by all the cutting/piecing/keeping it straight! Inklingo makes it so much easier and painless! Sign me up!!

  10. I think I counted 59! Wonderful!!! Loved the drumrolls when the fabric comes out of the printer!! So dramatic! Both the designs and the music too.

    Can’t believe the beautiful quilts that can come out of this design. Thanks for sharing, and for going through the trouble of making the video. It’s wonderful!

  11. The temptation to drop everything and print some DWR shapes is overwhelming after watching this video!! So many possibilities and every single one oh, so achievable with Inklingo DWR! This video is leading me down a path of no return — printing and more printing and stitching and more stitching!


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