Quilty Pleasures for Mother’s Day

Happy Mother’s Day!

Today we announce the Double Wedding Ring winners—including you!


NYB 02

QUILTY Pleasures

Since it’s Mother’s Day, Monkey was able to arrange it so EVERYONE wins something! Really!

Read on to see how we celebrate.

1. Winners in the Double Wedding Ring Draw

Both of these quilters win the Double Wedding Ring shape collection ($40 value) plus the Double Wedding Ring Design Book ($20 value).

  • Edith Gorzol (# 61)
  • Elizabeth Hickey (# 125)

Congratulations! We can hardly wait to see the heirloom quilts you create!

I will be writing to Elizabeth and Edith to let them know how to download their prizes. Maybe they will leave a comment here to let us know how they heard about Inklingo. Who sent you here?

But wait! There’s more.

Don’t be disappointed!

YOU win too.


  FREE ! ! !

2. FREE – The Double Wedding Ring Design Book

This is for everyone!

Yes, the Double Wedding Ring Design Book is free for a limited time ($20 value).


This is big! Normally, the DWR Design Book is $10 ($20 value) unless you buy the shapes (Details on Inklingo Design Books).

We’re giving it to everyone who orders it before Friday, May 18 at midnight.

The Double Wedding Ring Design Book (66 pages) is a great resource no matter what method you are using to make your DWR:

  • detailed, step-by-step assembly instructions
  • an innovative pressing guide to use on the ironing board
  • pressing instructions which might surprise you, but make your quilt look its best
  • notes about finishing with a straight or curved edge, with and without extra corners
  • a data sheet to keep you organized
  • how to count the shapes
  • chart for quilt sizes and the number of pieces required
  • an overview of the shapes in each collection
  • worksheets

You can also download the DWR project file for Electric Quilt from the blog.

Do your friends a favor on Mother’s Day! Tell them about this too. DWR is on every mother’s bucket list.


The Inklingo Double Wedding Ring Design Book shows you how you can make any of the 50 Double Wedding Ring Quilt Designs in our mini-movie

—2 minutes set with a symphony!


  SAVE $5

3. Special Sale on Double Wedding Ring

Since it is Mother’s Day, we have added another big treat for YOU!

<drum roll> The DWR shape collection is on sale for $35.00.

Save $5 and make the quilt of your dreams. Order before Friday, May 18, at midnight (Eastern).

In addition, all of the quilters who ordered Double Wedding Ring for $40 this week will receive a $5 refund. That’s fair. The quilters who were so excited that they ordered early will not pay more.


NYB 02

4. Sale on New York Beauty 02 extended!

This is for everyone too, for New York Beauty 02.

  • An Electric Quilt project file for NYB02 will be ready to download from the blog tomorrow.
  • The special sale price on New York Beauty 02 is extended until tomorrow night at midnight.

Nice, eh?



5. Free Shape Collections for Piecing and Appliqué

There’s nothing new here. LOL

This one applies every day of the year, not just Mother’s Day.

These two shape collections are always free, so if you haven’t tried Inklingo yet, you can order and download in the next few minutes.

Make it a memorable Mother’s Day in your sewing room, learning how to print on fabric so all of your quilts will be more fun to sew.

The Inklingo Quick Start Guide will walk you through it, but if you have questions, please ask!

(You can see all of the free and sale items on this page.)

Are you a subscriber? You can receive an email every time we share something new on the blog (right sidebar).

How’s that for a celebration? Whew! Happy Mother’s Day!

Linda & Monkey

New to Inklingo? Order and download free shapes and start sewing in the next few minutes. Quick Start (Always FREE.) There are triangles, diamonds, and squares in the free collection—great for dozens of different blocks.

Inklingo for Beginners

Inklingo Quiz – Just for Fun!

14 thoughts on “Quilty Pleasures for Mother’s Day”

  1. Congratulations Edith and Elizabeth! You’ll enjoy your new quilting toy! Thanks to Linda for being so generous.

  2. Thank you so much Linda and Monkey! It will be so fun to have a free book! So, of course I “need” to get the collection to go along with it! LOL
    Happy Mother’s Day to you Linda and all my Inklingo friends who are Mothers!

  3. Congratulations Edith and Elizabeth!! I hope that you will be sharing your creations with us 🙂
    And, Thank You Linda and Monkey! Today has certainly been a day of surprises – you are so good to us, and I just hope you know how much you are appreciated as well!!
    Happy Mother’s Day!!

  4. Oh, my gosh, I just opened the blog to see that I was one of the winners. I am so excited to start playing. I found this site through Bonnie Hunter’s blog. So Thank You Bonnie for directing me here, and especially to Linda and Monkey for having the free draw.

    Thank You Again
    Edith Gorzo

  5. So happy for the winners!~ That is a great sale you are having Linda.I’m heading over to treat myself for Mother’s Day and my birthday!~ I’ve always wanted to make a DWR. No better time to start than on my birthday! Thank you.

  6. Thanks, Linda! It was nice to make us all winners today! I will enjoy the DWR Design book very much!…and will probably order the DWR collection as well, you watch!

  7. That is almost as good as winning. I just got the design book ordered. I guess we all dream of making a DWR quilt some day. Thank you Linda and Monkey!


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