How to Count the Shapes for Double Wedding Ring Quilts

50 Double Wedding Ring Quilts

There are more than 50 ideas for quilts in our Double Wedding Ring mini-movie.

Have you seen it? 50+ quilts in only 2 minutes!

All of them can be made with the Double Wedding Ring Shape Collection from Inklingo.


It is easy to count the number of centers and half centers you need for this design, but how many rings do you need? And how many pieces in each ring? How many melons and corners in each color?


Counting the shapes in an overall design like Double Wedding Ring can be a little bit tricky, but the info you need is in your Mother’s Day gift—the Inklingo Double Wedding Ring Design Book.

Inklingo helps you with the design in at least 5 ways.

  1. The step-by-step approach to identifying and counting the shapes in the Double Wedding Ring Design book (page 32)
  2. The chart with the number of shapes for many different quilt sizes (page 33)
  3. The DWR Data Sheet to keep you organized (page 31)
  4. The suggested Custom Page Sizes in the Catalogue of Shapes in the shape collection (pages 39 – 41)
  5. The fabric requirements from the Inklingo Catalogue of Shapes in the shape collection (page 41)


If you can design it, you can sew it!

In other words, Inklingo makes it easy to sew any Double Wedding Ring design you create, including figuring out how many shapes you need, how much fabric you need, and how to use scraps efficiently.

The information in the Inklingo DWR Design Book is useful even if you are using some other method to cut the shapes. (Why would you? LOL)


The design book is our Mother’s Day gift to you—$20 value, free until midnight on Friday May 18.

Don’t miss out! After that we drift a little closer to sanity. LOL

At midnight on Friday, it goes back to $10 (half price)—or free if you buy the shape collection, like all of the design books. Even $10 is a very good deal, and you can download instantly.

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Linda & Monkey

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2 thoughts on “How to Count the Shapes for Double Wedding Ring Quilts”

  1. I wouldn’t have thought of a pink/grey layout but the last quilt looks so soft and pretty–a first for me, as usually I go for bright, clear colours. Thank you, Linda and Monkey, for more inspiration. 🙂
    À bi!



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