Summer Sewing Kit for Inklingo

It’s our long weekend in Canada, the traditional start of summer. That makes us think about sewing outside on the porch and on-the-go.

We sew by machine with Inklingo too, of course, but it’s nice to get outside.


We got our Smartlap from the Container Store for about $20 several years ago (no affiliation). Do you have one?

We decorated the lid of ours with Quilted Diamonds wrapping paper (limited edition, long ago).


We can carry it like a briefcase, neatly folded up.


It has legs too!

We lined the big compartment with a piece of batting wrapped in yellow Minky. It feels sooooo good to touch and it keeps everything from sliding around.


First we add the basic tools: reading glasses, scissors, thread, and a finger pincushion with 2 needles.

We usually only carry 2 needles to use interchangeably as needles and pins. We don’t need any more than that, and it is safer. We don’t want to drop or lose pins where they might hurt someone.

We made the How to Make Finger Pincushions Movie (ready for the Oscars), so you can make them for all of your sewing kits and for all of your friends.


We use a finger pincushion at the sewing machine too. They’re not just for hand piecing.


Karan Flanscha’s sent me this photo of finger pincushions made by the quilters in Jo’s Little Women Club in Iowa. Don’t you love them? (Thank you, Karan!)


You might want to carry Preparation H too. We told you about this in Quilted Diamonds. Preparation H cream (not ointment) is great for sore fingers.

I first heard about this new packaging—3 very cute little tubes—from Parson Jack, who is hand piecing Quilted Diamonds in California. (Thank you, Jack!)


One tube should be enough for your sewing kit, okay?

You can keep the others in your sewing studio, or be prepared to explain. LOL


Of course, we also need some Inklingo shapes to sew.

These are 2 inch 60° diamonds for our Kaleidoscope Stars, which we have shown you before, with a movie showing how to hand piece them. We “fussy cut” (“fussy print”) these diamonds.


We prefer to rotary cut the diamonds several layers at a time, but if you are in a rush you can take them with you un-cut, and use scissors on-the-go.


This looks like everything we need. Is there something missing?


If you are lucky, you can add a Dairy Queen Gift Card and some Wet-Naps to your sewing kit.

The Wet-Naps are important if you want to keep on sewing after you eat ice cream slowly, savoring every lick.


Be careful when you close the Smartlap, okay?


Inklingo Smartlap Sewing Kit

Always give your Monkey time to climb out.


We love our Smartlap, but if you need something smaller, we have another beautiful little sewing kit too.

Monkey says you can never have too many sewing kits or . . .


. . . too many finger pincushions.


However, it may be possible to have too much ice cream, so it’s a good idea to keep your hands busy with a little sewing, don’t you think?

Just as I was writing this, “I’ll Have Another” won the second leg of the Triple Crown. (Kentucky Derby, Preakness, Belmont).

I should have known.

I’ll have another sewing kit, another pincushion, and another DQ, please.

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Aren’t we lucky to be quilters?

Linda & Monkey

New to Inklingo? Order and download free shapes and start sewing in the next few minutes. Quick Start (Always FREE.) There are triangles, diamonds, and squares in the free collection—great for dozens of different blocks.

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11 thoughts on “Summer Sewing Kit for Inklingo”

  1. Thanks so much for showing those finger pin cushions! I have been working on a machine apliqued quilt and it made tying off all the threads so much easier.

  2. Hahaha -I was wondering about the Preparation H – now I know. Love the photo of the finger pin cushions. I love mine! And monkey too! Another great post Linda!

  3. Great inspiration for summer sewing on the porch…of course it will depend on if the mosquitoes are out, if I can find a spot with shade and Oh, yeah, no porch here but I can still use the inspiration! LOL
    The local Dairy Queens closed several years ago but there are no shortages of places that sell yumm-o ice cream around here.

  4. Hi Sue! I think you would be able to find Minky at Joann`s. That is probably where I got mine. I did not finish the edges—just cut it to size and wrapped it around a scrap of wool batt.

  5. You’ve inspired me to get my Smartlap organized, Linda. Where do you find Minky? Would Joann’s have it?

    I’ve spent the afternoon watching Season Two of Downton Abbey and thinking of you, since it reminds me of a Jane Austen type story. I did take a break from it to watch the Preakness. It almost looked like a replay of the Derby, didn’t it? Now on to Belmont!!!

    Don’t have a finger pincushion, but I have a wrist one which should fit in the Smartlap. Will try.

    Have a great “start to Summer.”

  6. Such a cute post. Wonder if we will have a Triple Crown winner with “I’ll Have Another”?!?! WOW!~
    Cathi sent me a wonderful finger pincushion for my birthday, which I dearly love. These little guys are cute also!~ WIll have to make a few. Have a wonderful weekend!

  7. Uh oh — Dairy Queen looks all TOO tempting! Makes me glad there’s not one within walking distance!!
    Is all that ice cream good for a little Monkey? 😉


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