New Inklingo Triangles for On-Point Settings

Inklingo On Point Quilt Setting Do you “on-point” settings? I do!

There are already two Inklingo “on-point” shape collections and today we added two more!

Now Inklingo has the perfect triangles for


Inklingo On-Point Triangles

Some quilters avoid on-point settings because they find it tricky to get the triangles the right size with straight grain on the correct edges.

Inklingo does it for you. No math! No measuring!

Inklingo quilters have requested these shapes especially because of the new Inklingo 3 inch Baskets (see below).

The goal is to have straight grain on the edges of the quilt.

That means:

  • the corners are half square triangles (HST), which have straight grain on the two short sides
  • the edges are quarter square triangles (QST), which have straight grain on the long side.

Inklingo does the math and measuring. You sew!


Inklingo On-Point Quilt Setting

In addition to the triangles for the edges, each collection also includes a plain square and a square with an appliqué design—perfect for back-basting.

This flower is in a 5 inch square.


Inklingo On-Point Quilt

In this example, I combined Inklingo Drunkard’s Path 3 inch units with the On-Point Shape Collection for 3 inch Blocks.


Inklingo On-Point Quilt Setting

Plain squares set off elaborate blocks with appliqué and curved piecing.


Inklingo On-Point Quilt Setting

Of course, Inklingo Baskets look wonderful turned on point. There are 3 sizes of baskets available and now all of them can be set on point with Inklingo .


Dear Jane TM variation by Linda Franz 1998-1999

My love affair with on-point settings started 15 years ago when I made my variation of the Jane Stickle Quilt using Brenda Papadakis’ book Dear Jane™.

With these Shape Collections, you can use any 3, 4.5, 5 or 6 inch squares, like Dear Jane™ blocks, Winding Ways, Yin Yang, Log Cabin, LeMoyne Star, Sunflower, and many others! (Index of Inklingo Shapes)

I have more examples of “on-point” settings to show you, so stay tuned.


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The two new shape collections are a fabulous deal at $15 but this special low intro price is for a few days only, okay?

We are breaking records for cold temperatures this week. It was 0F (-18C) when I got up this morning. The daily high should be about 37F (3C) at this time of year, but the forecast is for daily highs well below freezing for at least the next week!

Are you tired of the “polar vortex” too? Let’s stay home and sew.

Linda & Monkey

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9 thoughts on “New Inklingo Triangles for On-Point Settings”

  1. Your Dear Jane quilt is a marvel, Linda! I should really love to see more of the quilts you have made. Is cold for me today, but the sun shines and the sky is clear blue—time for some quilting!


  2. It’s a cold, rainy and windy early morning. But I’m sitting here nice and warm with my first hot cup of coffee before anyone else is up for the day. Brainstorming ideas for a new Inklingo quilt. Life is really good. Thank you Linda.

  3. Hi Linda and Monkey, I would love to see your Dear Jane Quilt as I have just started mine, the on-point sounds like a good idea and different to the normal one. Question, did you paper piece or sowed them normally as I would like to use the shape collection on mine what would be the best.

  4. Where to start?? The on-point set for 3″ blocks came at the perfect time – I had been mulling over an idea of a scrappy 3″ basket quilt and now it’s a done deal!
    The 5″ set intrigues me. Has Monkey got something special planned that involves a 5″ block design? Of course I immediately thought of some 2.5″ LeMoyne Stars set in blocks of four and on point. Hmmm …
    Is it really 20 more days until the first day of spring? That seems like a long, long sentence of more of this impossibly cold weather. Thanks to you though, we can spend lots of time stitching perfect blocks.

  5. After all the years I have been quilting, it takes a lot to impress me. I have to admit I am very interested in your patterns. Just think of the time one can save following your instructions.

    Thanks every SOOOOOOOOOO much.



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