The Case of the Secret Garden Clue # 8

Welcome back, detectives!

Clue # 8 for the Inklingo mystery quilt is ready!


The Case of the Secret Garden Mystery Quilt

 Welcome to the Inklingo Secret Garden!

The mystery is always solved in the last scene. We hope you like it as much as we do. The dark fabric forms the garden wall and there is a trail of pink stepping stones and benches within the garden.

The suspense is over!

Agatha Christie is famous for the last scene. The detective brings together all the suspects and explains the solution to the mystery. The suspense builds to an Aha! moment.


An Agatha Moment

Everyone gathers in the drawing room at Rutherford Hall where Miss Marple sets a trap for the murderer in 4:50 from Paddington.

Joan Hickson is my favorite on-screen Miss Marple.

The Case of the Secret Garden Clue # 8
Free PDF (6 pages, 1.76 MB)
Note: The page numbering starts at 40 because Clue # 7 ended with page 39.
As usual, green text in the PDF is clickable.

The mystery quilt is perfect for Inklingo beginners, but not designed for beginning quilters. (The blocks are only 6 inches with small pieces and curves.)


Inklingo COTSG Mystery Quilt

This is a mystery quilt but there is not any suspense about whether your blocks will fit together because the cutting and sewing lines are printed on the fabric!


Inklingo takes the mystery out of quilting.

We love the way Hercule Poirot uses his little gray cells to solve a mystery. Inklingo makes everything obvious and simple—unlike Agatha Christie.

Monkey looks just as dapper as David Suchet, don’t you think?

Plot Twists and Surprises?

We’ve included a little surprise in Clue # 8. It was suggested by Driveway Barb, and we think you are going to like it.

If you blog about the Inklingo mystery, you can use the COTSG badge (right sidebar). Please let us know if you do, so we can link up.

The Inklingo Yahoo Group is a great place to see the progress of other detectives and you can share your photos. It helps to be an eyewitness to everyone’s fabric choices and many Inklingoists have shared tips and leads to their blogs.


An Aha Moment

We hope you have enjoyed our first mystery as much as we have, and that we will all gather here again some day for another set of clues!

Unlike Agatha Christie, everything about Inklingo is easily perceived. Evident instead of evidence.

We think Miss Marple would prefer it to knitting while she contemplates the evil-doings in small English villages and country houses. Monkey says she might prefer a Wheel of Mystery instead of a New York Wheel.



Here it is again: The Case of the Secret Garden Clue # 8
Free PDF (6 pages, 1.76 MB, begins with page 40)

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Linda & Monkey

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11 thoughts on “The Case of the Secret Garden Clue # 8”

  1. Thank you for the mystery. I like the layout. I am still on the last 8 blocks, but will get there – too many deadlines mixed into the same time frame put me behind.

  2. Love the finished quilt! And how clever you were… keeping us in suspense about what we were going to be PRINTING with the dark and light fabrics to finish the quilt! Who would have guessed that it was just going to be 8 simple 6 1/2″ squares? Very clever, Linda. I bet it was Monkey’s idea, right? If you could only have seen the emails between Cathi and I over the last week…..

    My cover and spine are all printed on nice cardstock and inserted into my binder. Thanks so much! I hope others are taking advantage of that too. I will be showing my entire binder on my blog one day soon!

  3. Wow! What a great pattern! Absolutely beautiful! I bought the NY Beauties shape collection so I will have yet another project to start when my current ones are done! Thanks so much!

  4. Very pretty Linda, and I loved following along with everyone’s progress too. Unfortunately I wasn’t able to do this so it was nice to see it coming together.

  5. How pretty. Maybe next time ill give it a try. I’m practicing hand stitching with 2″. AppleCores and I’m getting better Love it for our traveling this summer.

  6. Oh, my goodness! I absolutely love the layout! Now I’ve got to get caught up fast because I definitely want to get my COTSG top finished and photographed!


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