Inklingo Haiku, Ode and Limericks!

Haiku from Martha to Monkey

In addition to writing Haiku, Martha has many talents.

Here is one example of her wonderful use of color in an Inklingo Storm At Sea.

She is also the creative mind behind Quilt Contemplation.


Ode to Monkey by Emily

Emily is a talented designer.

She is The Caffeinated Quilter.

(Mine’s a decaf sweetened with low-fat chocolate milk.)


Design with Inklingo shapes in EQ

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Limerick by Monkey

Got a poem for us? (We only quote with permission.  Thank you, Martha and Emily!)

We found tips for writing limericks online.

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That’s life in Burlington on the first day of spring!

Linda & Monkey

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Inklingo for Beginners

Inklingo Quiz – Just for Fun!

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