Storm At Sea Templates

Many quilters mutiny against Storm At Sea Templates because of the complicated instructions or because of the wastefulness and many extra steps required for paper piecing.

You don’t have to run from the storm.

Inklingo to the rescue! If you love a rainy night on land or sea (like Eddie Rabbitt), you’ll love this.

Storm At Sea Templates

Storm At Sea Templates

When you print the shapes on fabric with Inklingo, everything is simpler and you can sew by hand or by machine—or combine hand and machine in a hybrid.

No shipwrecks for us!

Storm At Sea Quilt Design

Points with Precision

Some quilters think this design looks like rough seas because of all the odd angles and all those points.

Inklingo provides the lightning strike, the flash of inspiration, that allows you to dance through a storm.

  • No measuring, no weird rulers or templates.
  • No paper piecing with complicated instructions.
  • No wasteful hurricane of trimmings.
  • No drowning in a mountain of unusable scraps.

Storm At Sea quilt templates

It is smooth sailing when you print the shapes on fabric with your ordinary Inkjet printer and Inklingo.

Before Inklingo, paper piecing seemed like a good choice because quilters love precision when they have lines to guide the stitching.

Unfortunately, paper piecing makes extra work, extra trimming (danger, danger), weird grain lines, and wasted fabric. The tide has changed.

Inklingo prints ultra-fine lines on the fabric itself, so you have
• straight grain
• perfect shapes
• precision corners
• matches for easy pinning
• crosshairs to mark the seam endings

You can sew FABRIC, not paper, and have those lovely lines for precision.

Storm At Sea templates

Gallery of Storm At Sea Quilts

The variations for this fabulous old quilt block design are as boundless as the ocean. It is also called Ocean Waves and Rolling Stone. Quilters have loved it for more than 90 years!

Storm At Sea Design Book

The Inklingo Storm At Sea Design Book includes worksheets and design ideas but you can use Inklingo Storm At Sea Templates with any pattern or design that uses these shapes. Pinterest is also a wonderful source of inspiration.

Versatile Quilt Templates

Inklingo makes it easy to start with precision corners and perfect straight grain, so you will love the way everything fits together when you sew and press.

Storm At Sea quilt templates

We love it when simple shapes let us create so many different variations!

Square in a Square, Flying Geese, and many star designs are possible!

Storm At Sea Quilt Designs

There are examples on the Main Storm At Sea Page under the Shop tab on the website.

Storm At Sea Quilt Design

If you have Electric Quilt software, Storm At Sea block variations are in the Block Library, so they are ready to set sail! Use Electric Quilt to play with fabric swatches and quilt layouts and then print the shapes on fabric with Inklingo! There are several other free EQ project files on the All About Inklingo blog too.

Storm At Sea template design

Depending on the distribution of color and light, medium, and dark values, the blocks form secondary designs of stars, circles, and waves, which give the design its name. Inklingo worksheets give a taste of the infinite variety.

The Storm At Sea Design Book includes my favorite piecing tips, including a unique two-page sewing guide to keep beside the machine to help you chart your course.  (The shapes to print on fabric are in the “Shape Collections,” and the design and sewing info is in the Design Book.)

Storm At Sea Templates to print

Machine Piece, Hand Piece, or Hybrid Piece

Storm At Sea is a great design for machine piecers, especially with Inklingo. There is no need to trim after sewing, and the units are easier to sew together when all of the shapes are the perfect size with straight grain in all the right places.

Never before has Storm At Sea been this precise, simple, and fast! I love a rainy night. Sewing time fills any day with sunshine.

No wonder quilters say Inklingo is the best thing to happen to quilting since the rotary cutter.

Check out the info on the Main Storm At Sea Page too, okay?

You can paddle safely into port and enjoy the rhythm of the rain. Ship ahoy! We’ve tamed the storm!

If you have used Inklingo Storm At Sea templates to print on fabric, I would love to see your comments.

Thank you for visiting.

Linda & Monkey

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