Clamshell Quilt Template

If you are looking for exciting ways to use a Clamshell Quilt Template, you have come to the right place!

Clam Shell on the beach

I wonder if I was holding a shell when my Dad took this picture. I was not sewing yet. He was an inventor too.

These days you might find acrylic templates washed up on the beach. (Oh! no!) Instead, I recommend checking out the selection of Clam Shell quilt templates from Inklingo on the Main Clamshell Page on the website. Monkey says you will be happy as a clam at high tide.

You might be surprised by the variety of designs based on one simple shape—and also by the variety in my spelling. (Read on!)

Print Clam Shell Quilt Templates

Sew Clam Shell Curves

Even experienced quilters sometimes avoid sewing curves. The precise stitching lines and matching marks—printed on the fabric with Inklingo—make a big difference, so you can choose from a wide variety.

Clamshell Quilt Templates from Inklingo

No Acrylic, No Measuring

With the cutting lines, stitching lines, crosshairs, and matching marks printed on the fabric, you can prepare the shapes quickly and easily. It is more precise and easier than with any other method. (Why I don’t sell acrylic templates.)

Not only that, but you can cut with a rotary cutter OR with scissors, AND you can hand piece OR machine piece. (I hand piece the smaller sizes.)

Yes, the right Clamshell Quilt Template makes the sewing easier, so you can spend more time planning your design.

Traditional Clam Shell Quilt

This might be what you think of first when you think of a Clamshell Quilt design.

Traditional Clam Shell Quilt rotated 180

Or this. Both lovely.

I have shared more variety in the Clamshell board on Pinterest.

But wait, there`s more! Lots more.

Print Clamshell Quilt Template on charms

Clam Shell Charms

You might want to consider a Clamshell Quilt Template for a “charm” quilt, which means that every shape is a different fabric.

There is a really good article on the blog that explains how to print a Clamshell Quilt Template on a 5 x 5 inch charm. It explains how I wash charms and how I print on tiny scraps of fabric with Inklingo.

Inklingo Clam Shell Rose Quilt Templates

Variations with a Clam Shell Quilt Template

This unusual Clam Shell design might surprise you. I named it Clamshell Rose.

Clamshell Rose is one of the blocks featured briefly when I was a guest on The Quilt Show with Alex Anderson & Ricky Tims.

My episode of TQS will air for the first time in November 2021. I can hardly wait! (If you subscribe to the blog, you will be the first to know exactly when.)

Clam Shell Rose Quilt

There are several articles related to Clamshell Rose on the blog. There is also a free Electric Quilt project file courtesy of Annika of Stof Genoeg!

4-patch with a Clamshell Quilt Template

You might prefer this square Clamshell quilt block with a clamshell 4-patch.

It uses the bonus shapes in the Clamshell Rose shape collection with a 4 inch Clam Shell Quilt Template to make a square block.

Fussy Cut with Clamshell Quilt Template

Fussy Cut with a Clamshell Quilt Template

I love fussy cutting these shapes. It works perfectly using the detailed instructions in my new Winding Ways book. This book includes everything you need to perfect your fussy cutting methods—whether you use Inklingo or not!

Winding Ways by Linda Franz

I love this book. The instructions apply to Clam Shell Quilt Templates just as well as they do to Winding Ways—fussy cutting, determining fabric requirements, sewing curves, pressing, and more!

If you don`t have your copy of this beautiful hardcover book yet, I hope you will add it to your clam shell order!

Clamshell Pickle Quilt Templates

Clamshell Pickle (3 sizes)

Clamshell Pickle makes Monkey happy. Monkey and I took this example to the studio to tape The Quilt Show. I don`t think Ricky or Alex had seen this design before and I think Monkey was a bit of a novelty for them too.

All of the Clamshell Quilt Template sizes are listed in the Index of Shapes under the Support & Goodies tab, as  usual. “Shapes with Curves” is a huge category!

Clamshell Quilt Template for Sashing

Very Old Clamshell Quilt Design

Quilters often take inspiration from very old designs like this one from 1730-1750 in England. It is featured in Kaffe Fassett’s Museum Quilts (2005), a wonderful book from the V&A,

Sashing for Clam Shell Quilt Template

Of course, when Inklingo quilters like you saw this unique design with sashing around clamshells, they requested the sashing shapes and—of course—I listened. These unusual shapes ARE available on the Main Clamshell Page too.

Rotary Cut—or Cut with Scissors

This video shows how much easier it is to rotary cut curves WITHOUT an acrylic template!

The mission of Inklingo is to include everyone in our wonderful world of quilting, so even quilters who cannot rotary cut for some reason can make these amazing designs. When you cut with scissors it is more portable too.

Print Clam Shell Quilt Templates

Rotary cutting along printed lines has so many advantages compared to acrylic. No contest.

Clamshells on Quilt Obsession

Clamshells on Cathi`s Quilt Obsession Blog

Cathi has a wonderful blog called Quilt Obsession where she shares her Inklingo projects. She has been using Inklingo since 2006 and sewing curves is her passion, so there are many Clamshell examples.

Cathi is an expert Inklingoist and Mr Q O is an expert at creating adorable cartoons, like this one. This is just a sneak peek. Give yourself a smile with some CLAMS on Cathi`s blog.

Search for Clam

More to Explore

You can find many other articles about Clamshell on my blog too. The search feature on the All About Inklingo blog was improved recently, so I searched for CLAM to get you started (click on the image above).

By now, you can tell that I don`t know whether you prefer two words (clam shell) or one (clamshell), so Monkey says just searching for clam will catch them both. Smart guy. Whichever spelling you prefer, Inklingo has the curves you crave.

Best of all, see more about the sizes and variations on the Main Clamshell Page.

Thank you for being an Inklingoist and thank you for visiting.

Linda & Monkey in Canada

4 thoughts on “Clamshell Quilt Template”

  1. Hi Linda,

    I am very new to this method and am keen to try.
    I have a laser printer, is this suitable for producing the prints on material, or is an inkjet printer required.


    • Hi Sherelle, You asked a good question. Unfortunately, Inklingo will NOT work with a laser printer. This is covered in the FAQ under the Support tab on the website.

      A laser printer uses toner, not ink, and it uses HEAT. If you put fabric and freezer paper into a laser printer it will probably ruin the printer because the plastic coating on the freezer paper could melt and create a mess that cannot be repaired.

      “Ink”lingo requires ink. Toner is completely different.

      There is information about printers in the FAQ under the Support & Goodies tab on the website.

      Luckily, you can probably pick up a Canon Inkjet on sale for $30 – $50 and you can have more than one printer connected to your computer at the same time. (You would want to spend more if you wanted to print photos.) Inklingo uses a tiny amount of ink, so if Inklingo is your primary use for the Inkjet, the ink will last a long time.

      There are several videos on the website and some great info in the Top Ten Tutes on the blog but if you have questions, please ask. There is usually a simple answer and it could save you some time.
      You can email me at Linda

  2. Hello Linda,

    I just could not believe my eyes when I saw that quilt! I fell in love on the spot. Thank you so much for this.


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