Passacaglia Quilt Templates and Millefiori Quilts

The quilt on the cover of Willyne Hammerstein’s first Millefiori Quilts book is called La Pas, or The Passacaglia, or Passacaglia with Mr Penrose, or La Passa. No matter what you call it, it is a design that has intrigued quilters all over the world . . . . and they want Passacaglia Quilt Templates.

Passacaglia by Mazie in Singapore with Inklingo

(By Mazie in Singapore with Inklingo!)

Marketing of acrylic templates has been so effective that the first question many quilters are programmed to ask is “Where can I get the Passacaglia quilt templates?”

Passacaglia Quilt Templates

Good news. There are TWO types of templates that are BETTER than traditional acrylic or plastic for rotary cutting OR scissors cutting OR fussy cutting.

Available instantly, no postage, no waiting!

Passacaglia Quilt Templates

TWO Types of Passacaglia Quilt Templates

There are TWO types of Passacaglia Quilt Templates that work better and often cost less than alternatives from acrylic or plastic or metal.

Passacaglia Quilt Templates

ONE  Print the shapes with seam allowances on fabric.

TWO Print the shapes without seam allowances on freezer paper.

Even without Inklingo, you can trace the shapes without seam allowances from the book on freezer paper and rotary cut.

Fussy cutting is better too. There are comprehensive instructions in my new Winding Ways book (hardcover) that apply to Passacaglia too. (Scroll down to see how you can enter to win a copy!)

Passacaglia Size Comparison

Three Sizes of Passacaglia Quilt Templates

Yes. THREE sizes.

I think you need to visit the Main Millefiori Quilts Page to see the wonderful possibilities PLUS Video and even more examples.

If you want another size that is not available from Inklingo (yet), we can help with that too. Quilt Templates on Fabric – Use the Best

Passacaglia Quilt by hand pressed

Recommended by Quilters

Inklingo quilters discovered Willyne Hammerstein’s first beautiful Millefiori Quilts book in 2011. They immediately started asking me for a shape collection for the Passacaglia quilt on the cover.

They could see that Willyne Hammerstein’s exquisite designs would be easier, faster, and more precise with Inklingo. Print the shapes on fabric with your ordinary Inkjet for speed, precision, and efficiency.

Quilters are hooked once they have used Inklingo for EPP, machine piecing, hand piecing or appliqué. They want to inklingo everything. (Yes, “to inklingo” is a verb.)

Quilters often see designs like Passacaglia on Pinterest and immediately think of Inklingo.

Passacaglia by Fern in Singapore

I am the quilter who invented Inklingo, so you expect me to rave about the advantages of printing on fabric—and I do.

On the other hand, you might prefer to hear from quilters like you who do the raving for me.

“Since I took that leap, I have been printing almost daily. I am almost done with my first Passacaglia rosette and am taking about 4 more with me on vacation. I LOVE Inklingo.” – Arlene in NY

“I just received my book and could not wait to try out printing. It was sew easy peasy. Omg I just love it, thank you for making quilting sew much fun.” – Anna in New Mexico

“I have made some wonderful Inklingo quilts that I might otherwise not have made without the fantastic Inklingo computer printed shapes on fabric and I want to take this moment to thank you ever so much for all you do with these patterns and projects.” – Sandra in Oregon

“I have been brainwashed recently into thinking I needed to EPP everything (hurts my hands) or buy expensive templates! I really enjoyed your post on why they aren’t necessary!” Elaine in England

Millefiori Quilts Books

Satisfying Requests from Inklingo Quilters

There are Inklingo shape collections for designs in all four Millefiori Quilts books! Be still my heart! Main Millefiori Page

I always try to satisfy requests from Inklingoists but I needed permission to do shape collections for Willyne’s design, so I contacted Quiltmania. They graciously agreed that Inklingo shape collections were a good idea.

We all wanted to include the many quilters who would not consider making Willyne’s amazing designs if they had to use English Paper Piecing or if the shapes were not Inklingo-able. (By the way, Willyne teaches hand piecing with a running stitch, not EPP.)

Quiltmania has been good to Inklingo since their first review in Issue 58:

“It helps you prepare your pieces quickly and precisely before hand or machine sewing them.”

I would love to work with more publishers and designers to satisfy requests from Inklingoists.

Dancing Cheek to Cheek

Newest Quilt Templates for Millefiori Quilts

By the way, the quilt templates for Dancing Cheek to Cheek (Millefiori Quilts 4) is the newest Inklingo shape collection for Willyne Hammerstein’s designs.

Dancing Cheek to Cheek is a beautiful variation of Winding Ways. It is easy to sew the curves with the lines printed on the fabric with Inklingo.

The instructions in my new Winding Ways book will help you no matter what pieced design you are making! Really. Any pieced design.

You could even win a copy of the new book if you enter on the Electric Quilt Behind the Mouse blog before October 17, 2021.

Print on fabric with Inklingo

Start with Inklingo – FREE Quilt Templates

If you are not one of the tens of thousands of quilters who print on fabric (yet), I recommend starting with the free Diamond Triangle Square shape collection. It is available on the Main Beginner’s Page. I will also send you a free fabric sample printed with Inklingo.

Let the adventure begin!

Thank you for visiting!

Linda & Monkey in Canada

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