Storm At Sea

Inklingo Storm At Sea

Smooth Sailing with Inklingo Storm At Sea

Inklingo makes cutting and stitching easier, faster, and more precise than ever.

No templates, no paper piecing (so no paper to pick off), perfect straight grain, and easy-to-follow instructions.

You’ll never go back to templates when you learn how to print on fabric.

Inklingo Storm At Sea

Love the lines. Quilt more!

Exciting Inklingo Storm At Sea Designs

The Gallery of Quilts and worksheets in the Storm At Sea Design Book will inspire you. Follow a traditional pattern or get creative by combining two or three sizes.

There are also examples of Storm At Sea quilts made by Inklingo quilters on the blog. Search Storm on Other Pages for articles about Storm At Sea like this and like this, and Storm At Sea on Pinterest.

You can also design with Electric Quilt software. Storm At Sea is one of the blocks in the EQ library. There is info about using EQ with Inklingo on the blog too.

Storm At Sea fabric requirements

Simple to Decide How Much Fabric

Diagrams for each Inklingo shape make it simple to decide how much fabric you need, whether you are using scraps or yardage.

Print Inklingo Storm At Sea shapes on fabric

Easy and Accurate to Cut Inklingo Storm At Sea

No measuring. No templates!

Cut on a line!

Use scissors or a rotary cutter. No expensive cutting machines or templates are required—plus there are perfect stitching lines and matching marks printed on every piece!

Inklilngo Storm At Sea precision corners

Precision Corners

Sew quickly and accurately (machine or hand) thanks to the precision corners and helpful matches.

Inklingo Storm At Sea 5 sizes

FIVE Sizes!

The sizes were chosen to work together, so you can make stunning designs when you combine two or three sizes in one quilt.

Inklingo Storm At Sea Table Runner

Versatile Shapes

The same shapes are used for 54-40 (Beyer 133-3) and many other designs. You can also use these shapes with Inklingo Drunkard’s Path units and other Inklingo shapes.

Storm At Sea is one of the most versatile Inklingo shape collections.


This video shows how easy it is to add triangles to a diamond with Inklingo. This example is the shapes in Bonnie Hunter`s 2013 mystery but the technique also applies to Storm At Sea.

There is no charge for the Inklingo Storm At Sea Quilt Design Book (PDF, 80 pages) when you buy a Storm At Sea shape collection.

Some quilters like to buy the design book first to see the instructions and decide which size(s) they prefer.

3 ways to get the design book free!

  1. When you buy related shapes, I manually add the design book to your account as soon as I see your order.
  2. If you buy the design book first (on sale for $10), when you buy related shapes in the next 60 days, I manually refund $10 as soon as I see your order.
  3. If you buy the shapes and the design book on one order, I manually refund $10 as soon as I see your order, so the design book is still free.

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