Settings for Pieced Hexagons


Video with 300 Pieced Hexagon Designs on YouTube


The new 60° Diamond 1.5 inch is exciting because Inklingo shapes can be combined in so many different ways.

We’ve already shown you many pieced 3 inch hexagons made with the 4 shapes in the new diamond collection.

Each is a little work of art. How should they be set together?

Inklingo 3 inch hexagon setting


This setting uses the Inklingo shape collections with 3 inch diamonds and 3 inch hexagons to set the pieced hexagons.

Every pieced hexagon could be unique or each ring could feature one design.

This one reminds me a little bit of my settings for Love & Friendship (Quilted Diamonds) and In Time of Friendship (My Dear Jane).


Inklingo Pieced Hexagons +  Inklingo Pieced Hexagons

We’ve given you many examples already. The variety is incredible but we haven’t even scratched the surface!

The possibilities multiply to the power of Q (quilters) when you add shapes from other Inklingo shape collections with diamonds and hexagons and triangles.


Inklingo 3 inch hexagon setting


This setting was made popular by a pattern by Kerry Dear in Quilter’s Companion Issue 18. It was inspired by Frederica Josephson’s pieced hexagon quilt.

The original can be seen at the Old Government House Museum in Australia and in The Fabric of Society by Annette Gero (Quilt # 13). (3.5 inch blocks)

You could say it is no “setting” at all. The pieced hexagons form a complex mass. You don’t need the shape collections with the 3 inch hexagons and diamonds for this one.


Candied Hexagons by Ann Tenthy with Inklingo

Ann Tenthy’s gorgeous Candied Hexagon quilt is featured on Tilde’s Inklingo Projects blog. (3 inch blocks made with Inklingo)

If you Google “Candied Hexagons” you will see similar hexagon quilts. There is more about Candied Hexagons in the Inklingo Smart Shopper’s Idea Book (pages 13-14) under the Support tab on


Inklingo setting for pieced hexagons


Another popular setting for 3 inch hexagons uses 3 inch 60° Triangles, which are included in the 60° Diamond 3 inch shape collection.

The white triangles form a secondary star design. This is the setting used for VariaHex in Quilt & Zo magazine.


Inklingo Setting for Hexagons


You can use more plain 3 inch hexagons to showcase each little gem. This setting uses the shape collections with 3 inch diamonds and 3 inch hexagons.


Inklingo Setting for Pieced Hexagons


There are many more ideas for setting 3 inch pieced hexagons, especially if you add 3 inch diamonds and 3 inch hexagons.

These are two of my favorites:


Print diamonds on fabric with Inklingo

Print a variety of shapes on several fabrics and start playing!


Fussy Cut Inklingo Pieced HexagonsDon’t miss it!


1. Fussy Cut
You can fussy cut (fussy print) with Inklingo. There are great tips for choosing fabric on YouTube.

2. Sew by Machine 
When you are sewing shapes with 3 inch sides, it is easy to sew the insets by machine thanks to the crosshairs printed on the fabric with Inklingo. Watch it on YouTube (demonstrates with hexagons).

3. “Like” us?
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5. Special Price 
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6. A Good Deed!
If you know quilters who like hexagons, please send them over!

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  1. I am so inspired to make a candied hexagon! Ordered the Collection #3 last week, can’t wait to play!

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  5. I just can say wow…so inspiring…i will make candied hexagon someday, i have all the shape and the pattern.. thank you linda

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