Settings for Inklingo Stars in Electric Quilt

Inklingo Stars Quilt

I shared this photo on the Inklingo Facebook page last night to show what Inklingo Stars look like set against each other.

I love the interplay of little and big stars. It looks much more complex than it is—just 25 Inklingo Stars with alternating colors. Straight set, horizontal. Nothing fancy—but I think the effect is!

Monkey says That’s nice, but what you really want is to create your own special settings with your own colors and fabrics.

Okay. Okay. That’s fine with us!

Inklingo Star Quilt

With you in mind, I created this in Electric Quilt so you can download the project file (below).

It is almost embarrassing how easy this was in Electric Quilt.

There is already a LeMoyne Star in the EQ block library, so I just had to add lines for the little star. I did not fuss with making every line perfect. (They aren’t.) Perfection isn’t required when all I want to do is play with color and preview different combinations.

Inklingo Star Quilt

Then I thought it might be even more fun to see what the new Inklingo Star looks like with the regular 9-inch Inklingo LeMoyne Star.

This is getting exciting.

Inklingo Star Quilt

Why stop there? I decided to try something a little fancier by adding Inklingo Castle Wall 9-inch too.

It only took a few clicks in EQ to reverse the colors in these two settings. I don’t have to guess which color will dominate. I can see it!

One of the cool things about working with Castle Wall blocks is that they can look as if they are set on-point even in an easy horizontal setting.


As I mentioned before, the sewing and pressing instructions for the new Inklingo Star ensure that the seam allowances will nest when Inklingo Star, LeMoyne Star and Castle Wall blocks are sewn together in rows.

Little things like that make everything easier.

If you need a refresher, the detailed sewing and pressing instructions for LeMoyne Star, including a one-page guide, are in this blog post from April.

Inklingo Morse Star

I haven’t drawn the Morse Star in EQ yet.

If you know how to do it, I hope you will share your tips.

My Morse Star is 18 inches finished and all of the shapes are in the new shape collection—except the small diamond, which is in the FREE Diamond-Triangle-Square shape collection


The EQ6 and EQ7 versions are identical. Each includes Inklingo Star, LeMoyne Star, Castle Wall blocks, and 8 quilts to get you started.

There are more free project files on the blog. Links are under the EQ tab at the top.

I use Inklingo PDFs to print precise shapes, not EQ so the shapes are approximate.


I have more of my own examples to share on the Inklingo Facebook page, so we hope you are following us there, but if you create settings, I would love to see them.

EQ makes it easy to share project files by email. I would love to share your designs on the blog or Facebook!

If you need help sending me your EQ project file by email, please ask, okay?

Inklingo--print shapes on fabric


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Monkey says it’s is a steal.

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8 thoughts on “Settings for Inklingo Stars in Electric Quilt”

  1. Already purchased and have some printed. The Morse Star drew me right in. Can’t wait to get sewing. Thanks again Linda you’re amazing.

  2. Oh. my, oh my. I am trying to complete some Inklingo projects and then this becomes available. Starting to fall off the wagon towards a new project.


  3. Just finished making my first Inklingo Star. And oh, my! It is fabulous to stitch. And I love the special effect I got with my fussy cut kite. Love this new block, Linda! Keep up the good work! (And I’ll be posting my block on my blog tomorrow!)

  4. Oh this really makes me want it more and more!
    Wish my birthday was closer as I think it would make a wonderful gift for me! LOL
    I have created a new board on Pintrest for Inklingo Inspirations and this page is my first pin.
    Thanks for giving me something to dream about making in the future


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