Inklingo Morse Star in Electric Quilt

Looking for inspiration?

These three Inklingo quilters have an abundance and they share it on their blogs!


Inklingo Star by Barb in Texas


Isn’t this gorgeous?

If you want to see how Barb in Texas fussy cut this Inklingo Star, you are in luck!

There is a wonderful description with illustrations on Barb’s Just Saying’ Sew blog.

Barb is a long-time Inklingoist with a great stash! We think all ya’ll will love her Texan blog!


Inklingo Morse Star by Cathi in Toronto


Cathi in Toronto is the creative mind behind QuiltObsession, a wonderful blog where she inspires us with her Inklingo projects and Mr QO’s cat cartoons.

She used the new Inklingo Star shape collection to make the Morse Star variation.

Cathi sewed some seams by hand and some by machine for an Inklingo hybrid. Intriguing, eh? Cathi has tutorials for several other Inklingo designs on her blog too.


Inklingo Morse Star

This variation doesn’t involve any fussy cutting, but it shows how stripes can create a secondary design.

We love being able to preview different color combinations before we start printing fabric and Electric Quilt is perfect for that.


Free EQ Tutorial by Erin at Crooked Path


This is exciting!

Morse Star looks pretty tricky, doesn’t it? Never fear! YOU can draw it with Electric Quilt because Erin in Nevada shows you how!

Erin started with the free project file for the Inklingo Star shape collection and copied and pasted her way to the Morse Star.

Click, click, click.

Erin makes it look easy and you will feel like a pro when you finish!

You will be able to use the tips in her tutorial for many other designs too.

I learned a lot from Erin’s tutorial. (Thank you, Erin!)  It is very, very cool!


Inklingo Star Quilt

What will your star quilt look like?

Please share your EQ project files. Monkey and I would love to feature your designs on the blog too.


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Inklingo Combo Layout to print on fabric


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If Barb in Texas, Cathi at Quilt Obsession or Erin at Crooked Path inspire you please let us know!

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