QUILTMAKER and Inklingo Periwinkle Quilt – Lesson Part 2

October 2022 – Quiltmaker is no longer published. I have deleted broken links but left any info that might be helpful.

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Today Quilty Pleasures, the blog for Quiltmaker Magazine, features an article I wrote about Inklingo!

I was thrilled when Diane Harris, the Interactive Editor, invited me to write about Inklingo. She is an Inklingoist too.

Thank you, Diane! It is a great opportunity for more quilters to hear about Inklingo.

The timing is great because the current issue of Quiltmaker is all about hexagons, and we just happen to be doing a beginner lesson on this blog too.

INKLINGO Periwinkle Quilt Lesson  IPQ Part 2


We’re calling our IPQ a “reverse mystery.”

It’s a lesson for the new Periwinkle Octagon shape collection and it is perfect for Inklingo beginners.

The Inklingo Periwinkle Quilt Part 2
Free PDF (11 pages, 6.3 MB)
The page numbers start at 7 because Part 1 ended with page 6.

This time, it’s all about choosing fabric and starting to print.

Inklingo Periwinkle Quilt

This is an intriguing block!

Inklingo Hexagon Quilt Design Book Hexagon Quilt Design Book is a bonus.


Designing and sewing with octagons are similar to designing and sewing with hexagons, so when you buy this new shape collection I will add the Hexagon Quilt Design Book (70 pages, PDF), a $20 value!

Are you subscribed?

Part 1 of the IPQ “reverse mystery” explained the basics of Inklingo.

Coming soon:

  • a free project file for Periwinkle in Electric Quilt
  • combining hand and machine sewing in a hybrid quilt
  • how to change the size of the quilt
  • and more!

Inklingo Periwinkle Quilt  IPQ Blog Badge

Spreading the Word!

  1. You can use the badge on your blog if you like (right sidebar).
  2. If you are an experienced Inklingoist please leave a comment on the Quilty Pleasures blog today, so other quilters will be inspired to start inklingoing too. Let’s thank Diane and the magazine for educating quilters about Inklingo.
  3. If you know quilters who are looking for an introduction to Inklingo, please let them know about the IPQ lesson. Even if they aren’t sewing the quilt, the free PDFs are full of good info and prove that you don’t have to be a computer nerd to print on fabric!

There are more big days to come. Come on back for Part 3, okay?

Linda & Monkey

Love Inklingo badge

Inklingo Quiz – Just for Fun!

9 thoughts on “QUILTMAKER and Inklingo Periwinkle Quilt – Lesson Part 2”

  1. Hi Cyn, Did you see Donna’s comment? She said:

    I, too had trouble downloading in Firefox. The link Linda provided above gave me the answer. Here’s what to do:
    Select Tools/Options/Applications
    Find Portable Document Format (PDF) and select Acrobat Reader.
    Restart Firefox.
    Firefox was using a PDF.js reader which apparently doesn’t work with my Windows XP!

    The link I sent was:
    Let me know how you do, okay? I will watch for your reply.
    Hugs, Linda & Monkey

  2. I’m having trouble, too. Never have before. I d/l the lesson PDF, but when i try to read it my whole system locks up. Very frustrating. Not sure of a work-a-around yet. Might try reading it while off-line and see if that is better.

  3. Hi Linda,
    I thought I would share for your readers that use Mozzilla Firefox and are having trouble downloading the process to go through. When they last upgraded, i know it took me a while to figure it out and even sometimes today need to dbl ck myself- haha.

    Left click (index finger) on the download link.
    When the download option box pops up, choose option “open document”. This should open the document in a new tab or window. Go to that tab/window and you can view the document.
    To SAVE or PRINT the document, you need to use the keys that pop up in the lower center of the document when the mouse hovers over the document, in the lower 1/3. Do not use your MS Windows’ FILE drop down menu – IT WILL NOT WORK. This pdf saves like a DROP BOX file, only. I hope this helps!
    I think as folks get used to the different ways different programs will open and save files, the more second nature it will become for them to try another mode until they have success.

  4. Linda, I absolutely love the new Periwinkle Quilt Project and hope to do it. However, I would really like to do a smaller version. My time is so limited these days (plus having health issues) that I am a bit reluctant to start anything with so many small pieces. I am afraid it would become a UFO. :o( Do you have any layouts that would produce a smaller wall quilt – just so I could make something with this new design package, or is there an EQ6/7 file I could play with?

    Thanks for all you do – your INKLINGO designs are AMAZING! I think you should change the name to “The Amazing and Fantastic World of INKLINGO!” :o) :o) :o)

  5. Yes, I got things change to adobe and it works fine. Thank you for the link. This is a beautiful quilt top. Great spring idea. Now if the weather would cooperate.


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